Treatment/Diagnosis/TTC History:


SEP-DEC: Regroup after coming so close to becoming parents.

AUG: Random independent adoption situation falls into our laps but ultimately does not work out.

MAY-JUL: Regroup and start seriously looking at adoption agencies. Pick agency.

APR: Surro FET! BFN 😦

MAR: FET meds for GC.

FEB: Contract done! FET scheduled!

JAN: Working on legal contract for surrogacy.


DEC: Recovery. Officially retain surrogacy lawyers.

NOV: Hysterectomy and endometriosis excision surgery.

OCT: Gestational Carrier (GC) starts going to her (many) appointments to get this surrogacy started! Right Guy and I pass our surro psych eval.

SEP: See a UroGYN & Endometriosis Excision Specialist in another city about hysterectomy and endo excision surgery. Spotting all month – there is just no shutting me down. Schedule surgery.

AUG: See a new RE in another city about surrogacy.

JUL: End up having period while on Lupron. Decide to quit it. Transition to continuous low estrogen BCPs. Slowly work on surrogacy paperwork.

JUN: Regular GYN wants more lupron and doesn’t want me to make the decision of hysterectomy too quickly. Try to adjust to this new normal.

MAY: FET delayed cancelled. More Lupron. Mock transfer does not go well and uterus is still…??? despite the fact that the Lupron seems to be helping somewhat. Ultimately, RE breaks up with me and sends me back down to the minors – a.k.a regular GYN. Completely give up trying to get ME pregnant.

APR: More Lupron. Embryos take a cross country trip with the FedEx person.

MAR: Finally start Lupron.

FEB: Supposed to start Lupron but kidney stone causes delays. Also? Endometriosis is back. Ow.

JAN: Supposed to start Lupron to try to tame the Adenomyosis before potential FET but cyst lands me in BCP-land.

DEC: Decide to try for one last Hail Mary FET.

OCT/NOV: Decisions, decisions.

SEP: Consult with OldRE re: HSG. She says I can still try but it’s risky. My uterus is just in really bad shape from the adenomyosis. Decisions, decisions.

AUG: HSG shows… much weirdness. NewREs shrug shoulders and shake heads. Calling it quits.

JUL: Getting back on track and back into the game. Prepping for my first IUI. Baseline ultrasound show AFC=9.

JUN: This one’s going down in the books as the Earthquake Cycle. First time I’ve temped in awhile and it really shows just how screwy my natural cycles are. No more TTC naturally.

MAY: Yay for vacation sex! Alas, just relaxing didn’t do the trick

FEB/MAR/APR: Irregular cycle, hot flashes, Right Guy exhaustion = no TTC this month

NOV: Recovering, Benched til FEB12 due to MTX

OCT: BFP! Beta#1 = 63. +4 days Beta#2 = 208 +3 days Beta#3 =518
5w3d ultrasound shows nothing
6w ultrasound shows possible ectopic (tubal)
6w2d Beta=3508 so I get methotrexate shot
6w5d surgery to remove ectopic & tube

SEP: FET! I finally get to try again. After waiting a YEAR for my body to recover from the last one.

AUG: Permission to start FET.

JUL: MRI: not quite healed but almost.

JUN: Pops died. Rough times.

MAY: MRI. Apparently my body is healing. But not yet healed. Next MRI will be July.

APR: MRI. Results still pending.

MAR: Nada. Zip. Benched. (called in Hospice for Pops)

FEB: beta falls. FINALLY reaches ZERO. Never thought I’d be so excited to NOT be pregnant.

JAN: beta falls. Until it stalls at 11 and rises to 14. Another dose of methotrexate (AGAIN, same day as Pops’ chemo).

DEC: beta falls. Until it stalls around 30. Another dose of methotrexate (again same day as Pops’ chemo).

NOV: beta falls. Until it stalls around 70. Another dose of methotrexate. (Pops diagnosed with 3rd lung cancer – we both get chemo the SAME day)

OCT: beta falls

SEP: Dx Ectopic at 7wks. Emergency D&C + lap. 10 day hospitalization + 4 doses methotrexate

AUG: Estrogen primer -> baseline AFC=13, Bravelle & Menapur injections –> 7 follies>10 CD 11–> Converted to IVF –> BFP!

JUL: Clomid preceded by Estrogen primer -> AFC=9, 2 contenders (not quite mature on CD12 but promising), 1 runner up -> Ovidrel ->BFN

JUN: Clomid -> 2 follies, neither mature. Managed to finish the job on my own. -> BFN

MAY: BCPs to get rid of giant cyst

APR: Clomid, Ovidrel, Timed Intercourse -> 1 mature follie, 1 runner up -> BFN

MAR: Estrogen patch , Provera to induce period

FEB: Estrogen patch
Pregesterone: 0.6, FSH = 6 (not day 3 but I’ll take it!)

JAN: I ovulated last month!  Tweak diagnosis to ovarian insufficiency.
Start TTC
Estrogen patch, Prometrium to induce period

DEC: Go off Nuva Ring – hot flashes become UNBEARABLE
Dx: Premature Ovarian Failure
Ultrasound showed 2 follies – one on each ovary
10 vials of blood taken to check for other conditions & hormone levels
FSH: 16, Start Estrogen patch

NOV: First consult with RE

OCT: AMH = 0.1

SEP: FSH = 16

On Nuva Ring. Hot flashes get progressively worse over the year and culminate in night sweats which is what finally sends me to the doc. Soaking the bed with sweat is SO not cool.

Always on some form of birth control to keep the endometriosis at bay

DEC: I finally ovulate five months after finishing the Lupron. Just in time for divorce!

AUG-DEC: TTC. My HSG was painful but normal. Wrong Guy’s sperm count turns out to be ABYSMAL. It also turns out he’s cheating on me and in love with another woman.

JAN-JUL: Me on Lupron, ExHubby in Afghanistan

JAN: Horrible endometriosis pain lands me on Lupron. Wrong Guy goes to Afghanistan.

OCT: Go off my BCPs to TTC with Wrong Guy

MAY: Get married. Maybe now I can work on that baby thing.

JAN: Dx Endometriosis. Not too bad though. Birth Control seems to control it mostly.

3 Responses to “Infertility Timeline”

  1. Hi Furrowed Fox. Thank you for the follow. I’m so sorry to read all you’ve been through. We’ve been at this about the same amount of time, and I feel your pain. You know, Dr. WK believes that my endo was caused by the bacteria we’re fighting off…your history makes me think a consult with him might be worth a try. E-mail me if you want his info (

  2. P.S. Ah yes, I see you have the same POF diagnosis, too…I’m sorry about that as well. Please feel free to get in touch.

  3. TeeJay Says:

    This has to be one of the most complicated TTC/IF histories I’ve ever come across and I’ve been reading blogs for a very long time. You have got to be one strong woman to have gone through all of that. I now need to catch up on what your next steps are. I look forward to reading your blog no matter what path you take…I like the way you write. 🙂

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