With BlogHer fast approaching and me not recently…you know…BLOGGING…I’m feeling very much like not a real boy. I mean blogger.

Let’s face it. I’ve never felt like a real blogger. So why am I going to a blogging conference? Maybe I’ll meet the blogging version of my Geppetto and turn into a real blogger while I’m there?

Wait. I think that requires a descent into Hell first.

That might be unpleasant.

*looks around*

Hm. I seem to be sitting in a handbasket.

Perhaps I’ve already descended into Hell???

OK, so I had a bad day. I won’t go into details. It’s all fairly mundane. It just happened to all come at me in the span of 3 hours. That’s no excuse for mixing my metaphors. Or is it?

By the way, what the fuck is handbasket anyway?

Oh. It’s just a basket. How LAME.

Just like this post.

Why am I going to BlogHer again?

I blame Mona.

But back to the original question.

Pinocchio kind of always freaked me out as a boy. I can’t decide if this is better or worse.

pinocchio in a dress


NaBloPoMo Wrap Up

November 30, 2013

I think I sufficiently addressed the question of what I’ve learned and whether this NaBloPoMo thing has been a good experience in yesterday’s post.  It’s been good but I’m not sorry to see it end.  I need a break.

I have a lot of other things that need to be tended to.  It seems that Xmas is now upon us so there’s shopping and decorating to do.  And I have to go back to work after spending 2 weeks on my sofa with the kittehs.  The view from my cube at the office is not nearly so cute as this one:


Gratuitous cat pic

So anyway, thanks for reading this month.  If I ever attempt this again I hope to do better at it.  If you need me I’ll be on my sofa watching all manner of Holiday specials on TV until I have the energy to do all those things I need to do.

Almost There

November 29, 2013

Whew.  Today and tomorrow and my month of daily blog posts will be complete!  You guys can stop reading!

Who am I kidding?  I had to write them all but I seriously doubt any of you read them all.

I have written a lot of drivel this month in order to keep up with the daily challenge.  A lot of it I NEVER would have posted had it not been for this challenge.  But I have learned a lot and it was indeed a useful exercise.  Much like photography, you have to just keep taking pictures or writing blog posts in order to get those one or two great shots/posts.


Despite the fact that several drafts didn’t make it out of drafts this month, the more I wrote, the more ideas I had for posts – posts that I think will ultimately prove more interesting than most of what was actually posted this month.  In short, I think I now have MORE posts in drafts than I started out with.  And that’s actually a GOOD thing.  I just felt that some of them needed more attention and refining than I had time to devote to them.

So, hopefully, the end result of NaBloPoMo will be more interesting posts that will be better spaced out.

Back To School

November 8, 2013

I sort of feel like I’ve been sent back to school with this challenge. I have homework every night. 😉

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is: Tell us what you’ve learned so far about daily blogging.

I’ve learned that I have more to say than I thought I did. That stated, it’s not always easy to get it out on a daily basis. Especially when the prompts are often so much different from what I normally write about. Which is why I’ve chosen, thus far anyway, to use them and not just post my normal drivel. If I am truly going to be Barney [Challenge…wait for it…ACCEPTED!] about this then I should embrace it.

Bottom line is this: I have more to say. I sort of thought I did, but now the ideas are pouring in. I’m keeping track of them for now. Some of them I’m not quite ready to write. Others I want to save for something else. See… I have plans for a new blog. Plans I’ve been working on since before NaBloPoMo started.

This blog will not go away. But it will, at some point, revert back to its original subject matter of infertility. The new blog will be about…EVERYTHING. OK, not everything. But lots of other stuff.

Stay tuned. It’s not ready yet and I’m still in school.

My Space

November 5, 2013

No, not MySpace. That’s dead, right? Or did I hear it was being resurrected? Do I still have an account there? Maybe I should check on that…

My space. My writing space.

Today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt is Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

Generally, I write in one of two places: my home office or my phone on the go.

My ‘home office’ sounds really nice. The phrase ‘home office’ makes me think of catalogues and realtor shots of a real office, but in your home. But it is far from that. Perhaps most people’s home offices are more like mine? It’s a tiny corner in a spare room that, in all honesty, is not for guests but for cats. And the modem and router. And all the toys and art supplies for when the Kiddos visit.

Right Guy has an entire basement man cave. Well, he does share it with the laundry. And the litter boxes. So maybe I’m better off in my little corner.

Despite it being an all purpose room, I have made it my own. I have a couple of foxes who oversee my writing efforts.

And my favorite art is on the walls. On top of the dresser is my collection of glass decanters (2 of which were from my grandmother) that Right Guy is not fond of. Said dresser contains all manner of things from Pops’ house that I either haven’t gone through yet or simply don’t know what to do with – mostly the latter.

What to do with your dead father’s stuff? Well, that’s another post. So I will leave you with one more pic of my other writing space.

Here’s where I typed most of this post – on my phone, on the bus on the way to work.