Well, March is almost over. Endometriosis Awareness Month is almost over and the EndoMarch came and went (but I didn’t).

In case you missed it, Casey put out a blogging challenge and it’s now time for me to wrap it up. But first, here are the previous posts:
Week One: Basic Info
Week Two: Getting Personal
Week Three: An Open Letter to Congress
Week Four: An Interview
Week Five – Goals
Week Six: Why Is This Important?
Week Seven: Spread The Word
Week Eight: Friends & Family

This post should combine Casey’s assignments for weeks 9 & 10. Except I don’t have much to say about them because I didn’t attend the EndoMarch. Which is also sort of why I didn’t post DURING weeks 9 & 10. OK, so maybe I have also been just a little busy with surrogacy stuff, too.

Since I did not attend the EndoMarch I can’t write about what I packed or what it was like to be there. But I CAN continue to spread awareness. But you know what they say, right?

A picture is worth 1000 words.

So how ’bout some VIDEO?

Here’s a short clip from my excision surgery last November.

WARNING: It’s only about 2 min long and is not too disgusting. At least compared to other parts of the video I have. But it DOES show blood and internal organs. If those things don’t make you queasy then take a peek.

So. Now you’re AWARE of what excision surgery looks likes.


It’s What’s For Dinner

November 17, 2013

With some watered down Gatorade.