Foto Friday Sailing Weekend

September 10, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Calliope’s Photo Friday – things have just been crazy lately. And now it seems the theme was announced a bit late so it’s really more of a Photo Weekend which is fitting given the theme: Summer 2010 Photos.

The highlight of this summer was a weekend sailing trip a few weeks ago.


I'm On A Boat!

sparkling water

Sparkling water

mast and sail

looking up

foggy lens

foggy lens

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P.S. As a side note, I totally credit this trip for allowing me to relax so that my IVF could work.


This week’s theme from Calliope is “Unplugged.” Much like her, my first thought was music. MTV’s Unplugged and Eric Clapton’s Unplugged. Despite the explanation that this could be about plugs and outlets. I actually think plugs and outlets could make for some interesting photos. But I had to go for the acoustic guitar. I love acoustic guitar. I am a sucker for it. So it’s a good thing Right Guy plays. ­čśë




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Sunflower Sunday X

July 18, 2010


Foto Friday – Pets

July 17, 2010

This week’s theme from Calliope is pets. I have a love/hate relationship with taking pictures of my cats. When I get a good one I LOVE it. But it’s SO difficult. Of my three cats, one is super photogenic, another not so much and the last one not at all. But I wanted to make sure they were all represented. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my fur babies:

My 12 year old cat Daisy:
Daisy is my sort of photogenic cat. I can get decent pictures of her but she has some perpetual eye leakage that just isn’t very attractive – especially on a white cat. She turned 12 last month. I can’t believe she’s been with me 12 years!

Now for the kittens. They are now about 9 months old and beginning to look more like cats than kittens.

Lily is my absolutely impossible to photograph cat. She won’t stay still. Her eyes are always closed if I use a flash. And she too, has some leaky eye problems.

And last, but not least (except in size and age), we have my little model: Moxie. She never takes a bad picture.

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Sunflower Sunday 8

July 4, 2010


What am I good at? Designing databases. I think. Organizing things and data. But that’s pretty difficult to get a picture of. What do I like about myself? Certain physical features come to mind – my eyes, or, once upon a time, my legs. There are other things I’m good at or like about myself but my Inner Strength has saved me countless times so I chose to pay homage to it this week. By taking a picture of my outer strength – such as it is.

Back when I was kickboxing I had some guns. Not so much anymore. But the point is that I am a strong person on the inside. I’m not sure where I’d be without that trait. It helps me survive the ordeals of life. It keeps me calm in a crisis. It allows me to be a good/better friend when my friends need me. And I am gratetful for it.

muscle flex

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