chance card

I feel like I’m playing monopoly. I’m on Connecticut Ave (just before Jail) and somehow I pull a Chance card that says “Take a walk on the Boardwalk” and I whiz all the way around the board. I skip IUI entirely and GO STRAIGHT TO IVF. Um… wait. What?!

boardwalk cardIt was a HUGE decision to make and I had to make it in about an hour. But we’re going for it. It just makes sense. I’ve had an amazing response on my first injectibles cycle. Even before I started the shots I had a high (for me) AFC (antral follicle count) of 13. This morning I had 7 follies 12-15mm. (well one of them was 11.9). Here are the choices my RE gave me:

1a) Cancel this cycle. She considered the risk of high order multiples too great.

1b) Right Guy and I discussed moving forward anyway and just relying on selective reduction if we needed it. I already have the Ovidrel and the plan was for intercourse at home anyway. This choice was not sanctioned by my RE but we felt it was worth considering.

2) Try some shots of pure LH to see if that would stop the smaller ones from growing more while maturing the larger ones. I would have to drive to another city (20-30 mi) to acquire this medication and there’s no guarantee that this strategy would work so I’d still potentially end up back at option #1.

3) Convert to IVF. Gulp.

We have chosen option #3. And after making this decision, my RE says she thinks it’s the best option. She never thought she’d be having the IVF discussion with me. She’s completely mystified. She described my ovaries as “an anomoly.” She’s hopeful that this will work but says if I don’t get pregnant on this IVF cycle she will want to retest some of my levels (specifically AMH). This is not supposed to happen with numbers like mine (AMH=0.1 & FSH =16). So now she’s questioning the numbers. Although, if the numbers are correct, this is likely my only/best shot. So I’m taking it.

Double gulp.

But it looks like it’s going to happen. And soon. Egg retrieval will probably be this Sunday or Monday.

If anyone is curious about the exact protocol I’ve been one that has worked so well I’ll post it soon and then update here to link back to it.
Here’s a link to the protocol specifics and results before IVF conversion: Bravelle + Menopur.


Good News & Bad News

August 9, 2010

So the good news is that I’m responding REALLY well to my shots.

The bad news is that I’m responding REALLY well to my shots.

I never ever dreamed I’d be in this predicament. I currently have too many follies. This morning the doc (not my actual doc but the fellow) didn’t seem too worried about it. He made it sound like a few would drop out of the running – no problem. So I took it as good news that I have 6 follies all measuring around 11mm. I never dreamed I’d get so many. But when he called me with the results of my estradiol he didn’t sound as confident. I’m not sure how much of that is due to the estradiol level and how much is due to what my doc had to say about it. But there’s definitely a chance that this whole thing gets called off because I have too many follicles. Apparently having my estradiol go up from 84 to 333 over the weekend is a bad thing.

And all 6 follies are really close in size – between 10.9 and 11.4. All uniform in size and shape. Which would be a good thing if there were a few less. I just can’t wrap my head around the possibility that this cycle might get cancelled because I have TOO MANY follicles. That’s not supposed to happen. That’s not supposed to even be possible. And to think last night I was nervous that it wasn’t working…

They’ve reduced my dosage. And I go back in two days to see how it’s going. Hopefully a couple of those perfect follies will just take themselves out of the running. Fingers crossed.

The Good: My Antral Follicle Count=13! Considering my AFC was 2 back in December this is really quite an improvement. 🙂 Also, I’m starting acupuncture tomorrow.

The Bad: I know what my AFC is because I’m not pregnant. Another BFN. 😦

The Ugly: I misunderstood the protocol so this cycle is going to cost me more than I realized. :-/

the good the bad and the ugly

Many thanks to all my supportive tweeps for the comments earlier today. My apologies for being AWOL from twitter. But I just need to hide out in my cave for a bit.

So I saw my RE yesterday and we came up with a new plan. I feel better just having a plan. Although, I’m not particularly convinced it’s going to work but… I’ve got to try. But I suppose I also feel better about it not working since Right Guy and I discussed our other options the other night. You can read about that here if you want. I just need to have a plan. I’m fine with plans changing but I need to have one.

I had the option of trying the clomid again (with an estrogen primer) but I chose to be more aggressive. The clock is ticking. Regardless of what protocol I use in the future this failed Clomid cycle proves that I absolutely HAVE to have an estrogen primer. When I’m off the estrogen for too long nothing is going to help: not Clomid, not injectibles. They all work in roughly the same manner: they raise your FSH. My FSH is already high so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the problem there. And my reserve is abysmal so all the treatments in the world can’t coax out an egg that doesn’t exist.

So the plan is to use a cocktail of FSH and LH. I have to go take a class to learn how to mix them up. I did go to bartending school once upon a blue moon so I think I can handle mixing my hormones. But this protocol means more shots and more monitoring ultrasounds. Gonna be interesting. I’m not sure what would come after this if it doesn’t work. She just said we could keep going until I’m either pregnant or my body proves it’s definitively not going to cooperate.

I didn’t even ask about IVF. I just don’t see how it’s possible. I know there are some die hard POFers out there who say not to give up on the idea of IVF but if I don’t have the eggs, I don’t have the eggs. The RE did briefly mention Donor Eggs but we’re not there yet and she knows that. I did ask about IUI. Everyone I encounter in this virtual infertility world seems to do them. But it doesn’t appear that I need it. Right Guy’s sperm is good and I don’t have any other issues (that we know about) so she said it wouldn’t really help us any.