May 28, 2015

Hello there bleeps and tweeps. I’m still here. I just don’t seem to have much to say recently.

What have I been up to, you ask? Not much. Slowly working on adoption paperwork. And coloring.

Yes, I said COLORING.

There’s been a recent move to get adults to color. For some it helps with depression and anxiety. I’m not sure how much it helps me but I enjoy doing it.

So this is what I’ve been up to.




[Note: Designs not mine. I just colored.]

And here’s what’s next (please ignore the cat hair).


The folks over at I Heart Guts (they make plush organs – Yes, you read that correctly PLUSH ORGANS – you can buy a uterus from them although I doubt it will grow your baby) have made a positively EPIC version of the periodic table. It truly is a PERIODic table. Half of which I will never experience ever again.

You’re welcome.

The Answer (aka Feeling Lazy)

November 24, 2013

Two days ago I posted 2 truths and a lie and asked you to guess which was the lie. It wasn’t a very popular post but I did promise an answer today. And, truth be told, I’m still recovering from being vertical yesterday. I spent the day sitting up and moving around more than I had all week. And it tired me out. So today I’ve been back on the sofa. Despite the fact that I have 3-4 almost finished posts sitting in drafts this is all you are getting today.

The answer:

I have never lived in New Orleans. But I did, in fact, move to Las Vegas for the hell of it. And I have moved quite a lot.

Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo

November 22, 2013

So Jenny over at Dogs Aren’t Kids recently posted a fun game: Two Truths And A Lie.

I’m supposed to post 3 things about me – 2 being true and one being untrue and you have to guess which is which. And then post your own.

  1. I lived in New Orleans for a year.
  2. I have moved more than 15 times in my life.
  3. I once moved to Las Vegas for the hell of it.