Here is a list of commonly used abbreviations (on this blog) and what they mean. If you’re still perplexed after reading this then I’d like to introduce you to my dear friends Google and Wikipedia. They know EVERYTHING.

Adeno: Adenomyosis

AF: Aunt Flo. She’s not really your aunt. But she visits most women once a month.

AMH: Anti-Müllerian Hormone – this supposedly measures how many eggs you have left. Not as an actual quantity of eggs but an indicator.

BCPs: Birth control pills.

Beta: Beta HCG test. Blood test that tells you how much HCG is in your system (i.e how pregnant you are). Low numbers can mean impending doom.

BFP/BFN: Big Fat Positive (positive pregnancy test), Big Fat Negative (negative pregnancy test).

CD: Cycle day. CD1 means the day you get your period.

DOR: Diminished Ovarian Reserve – a diagnosis for women who have low AMH but who are not yet in menopause. Sometimes also called POI – Primary Ovarian Insufficiency.

DPO: Days past ovulation.

Endo: Endometriosis

FET: Frozen Embryo Transfer

Ectopic: Ectopic pregnancy – a pregnancy occurring outside the inside of the uterus. Most are tubal (in the fallopian tube) but not all. Be very afraid.

GC: Gestational Carrier – a woman who carries a baby that is not biologically her own.

HCG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – hormone your body releases when you’re pregnant. HPT’s detect it. It’s also the one that beta’s quantify.

HPT: Home pregnancy test.

IVF: In vitro fertilization. Requires a petri dish.

LH: Luteinizing hormone. The lovely hormone that your body releases to tell you to ovulate.

MC: miscarriage.

O: Ovulating, Ovulation, etc. Sadly, women who are TTC don’t use O to mean orgasm.

OPK: Ovulation predictor kit. The thing that you pee on that tells you if you’re ovulating. It detects the hormone LH. It can also detect HCG as they are chemically similar.

POAS: Pee on a stick. Hello, my name is Fox and I’m an addict.

POF: Premature Ovarian Failure – what they call it when you enter menopause before age 40

RE: Reproductive Endocrinologist. Basically an infertility specialist.

TTC: Trying to Conceive

TWW: Two week wait – the time it takes to find out if you’re pregnant.

U/S: Ultrasound. We get A LOt of them. Usually the trans-vaginal kind.

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