Microblog Monday: Stress

August 15, 2016

Hello Old Friends. I’m back, if only briefly.

Apparently motherhood agrees with me. Or rather, unburdening stress agrees with me.

Recently I’ve been told I look younger(!), thinner (the scale disagrees but I’ll take it), and generally happier and calmer. All this despite a major move, Right Guy being out of work and our little family currently shacking up with MIL and BIL. There is so much uncertainty in our lives right now people are amazed at how well I *appear* to be handling it.

The surprise seems to come mostly from non-IF friends – even from those close to me who know the whole story. They know how much we’ve been through and how long we’ve been waiting for 2 to become 3. Yet somehow they still expected motherhood to turn me into a chronic complainer. Yes, there are trying moments. But the level of stress required to care for this tiny human is far, far less than the level of stress I was under for the SIX YEARS (and 3 surgeries) I spent trying to acquire said tiny human.

So…major move, unemployment with a new baby and living with in-laws is apparently NOTHING compared to the prolonged stress of infertility and the adoption process. This is not all that surprising to me. But how do we make others understand what infertility does to you?


4 Responses to “Microblog Monday: Stress”

  1. Dude, so much this. I don’t know what we have to do for people to get it, they seriously just don’t. I wish I had an answer.

    • Fox Says:

      I’m just astounded that people are surprised that I’m happier and less stressed because I finally achieved something I’ve been working towards for years. And really it’s been more than 6 years. There is a lot of uncertainty in my life right now. But the ONE thing that matters MOST is now a certainty. As I’ve written before, it doesn’t make the pain of IF go away, but it does bring a sense of peace. Mentally anyway. My body still has a ways to go to recover from the prolonged stress.

  2. Dipitie Says:

    You can never really understand it unless you’ve been through it. It applies to many things in life, including infertility. I’m so happy for you though! You went through hell and back for this little one, and I can tell it was worth it ❤ xoxo

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