November 30, 2014

Let’s see….my last post was titled October so I thought perhaps I should get at least ONE post in this month. Just under the wire, too.

Yes, I’m alive.

No, there’s nothing new to report on the adoption front.

Do I have writer’s block?  I’m not sure. I think it’s really just apathy.  I still have several half written posts with no real desire to finish them.

What have I been doing? Working. Reading. Cooking. Sitting on my ass binging on Netflix. And wondering whether the correct spelling is binging or bingeing. For the love of Kermit, someone, please set me straight on that one. I can’t watch Netflix again until I know the correct spelling.

So yeah, the mood here is… Go Apathy?


5 Responses to “November”

  1. sarahjkl82 Says:

    I would say “Bingeing” as without the e it could become “bing-ing”.

    • Fox Says:

      That was my thought too. Ive seen conflicting info but binging seems to be favored. If you ask me binging is something Chandler would do on Friends.

  2. A. Says:


    I had to look it up. And now I can breathe easier knowing that mystery has been laid to rest 😉 Back to Netflix with you!

  3. dipitie Says:

    I’m still reading! Thank goodness for Feedly. I haven’t even looked at my blog to see when I last wrote. I’m going to guess June? I have thought about it too, often, that maybe I should write about this and that happening in my life, and then I just don’t.

  4. Lauren Says:

    (It’s “bingeing” — like whingeing and hingeing. The hard G preserves the E; conjugating a gerund doesn’t mean you drop a letter.)

    What are you watching on Netflix?

    More importantly, I hope you are okay. Been thinking about you and thought I’d check in. I look forward to when you have an adoption update! Hope the holidays are kind to you this year.

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