Fear-induced Inertia

September 22, 2014

So there I was filling out that adoption agency application when…


Out of nowhere we get derailed and follow the white rabbit down the independent adoption hole. Apparently we took the blue pill when we should have taken the red because now we’ve popped back out of the matrix and are facing reality once again.

[Holy mixed metaphor, Batman!]

Only I haven’t done ONE DAMN THING to finish that application.

Me = deer in headlights.

We had made our decision. It was not arrived at lightly. But this whole rabbit hole experience has made me question that decision. Along with some new info from the agency we chose. Apparently it is NOT as easy as I thought it was to speed up the homestudy process. They say it takes 6-9 months. No expediting, no Roll Again or Proceed Directly To spots on this board game. I had really hoped (originally) to be approved and waiting before 2015. There is simply no way that will happen now.  If we’re lucky we will be done with the homestudy around the same timeframe I had originally hoped to have a child in the house.

Once again I am in the spot where I like NONE of my options. It’s like a presidential election – you have to go with whatever you deem to be the least offensive option. There are no good options. They simply don’t exist.

I can’t get excited about this anymore. I just can’t.

And so I’ve done absolutely nothing to move forward. Which means it’s that much longer to motherhood.


No? OK, fine.


3 Responses to “Fear-induced Inertia”

  1. Mrs T Says:

    That is a bizarrely long homestudy process, but I know every state’s different and I presume they know what they’re doing. I fully understand the “which path” conundrum but at some point you’ve just got to go with your gut and jump in and forge ahead and some other mixed metaphors! (Or stop. That’s okay too.)

    • Fox Says:

      It’s not a state thing – it’s an agency thing that it’s so long time. They just keep saying they are very thorough.

  2. C&C Says:

    I swear it is always a hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait, wait, wait, waaiting and wait some more. When I neck deep in our adoption pursuits, I had gone into an angry stage. I was angry at the process, paperwork and redtape. But the thing about adoption is you will get placed. Your new status changes from “if it will happen” to WHEN it will happen. So stalk your agency, grab a bottle of wine and knock out the paperwork and profile book.

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