Down The Rabbit Hole

May 9, 2014

Nothing good ever comes from looking at your blog stats.

At best it makes you feel validated that 102 people visited your blog today. Or 1.2 million if you’re WAY more popular than I am. Or…2 if you’re not quite as popular… but that’s still totally validating in my book. At worst you discover that someone found your blog by googling “pedophaelia.” Intermediate feelings usually result in the head tilt with eye squint and the thought, “How did THAT phrase lead them to THIS blog?”

Head tilt eye squint from House

More and more frequently I am finding old posts popping up in the most popular this week list (perhaps because I am writing less?). And so of course I click on the links to said old posts to see why anyone would be reading them now. Inevitably I end up reading all the posts from that time period and taking a walk down Memory Lane. Which really just leads to PTSD Terrace. My embryos may need GPS but *I* do not. I know where this leads and yet… I still click. Every. Single. Time.

This latest trip down the rabbit hole led me to a post I wrote TWO DAYS before I was hospitalized for the weirdest ectopic pregnancy ever. It was about, among other things, how I dreamt the night before that I was hospitalized for some weird and rare pregnancy complication. So…yeah…apparently I dreamt of it and then…it happened.

Hindsight is 20/20, and all that jazz… but…it’s still super weird. Reading other posts about how I was all woozy…which is another ectopic symptom and not typically seen quite so early in a normal pregnancy…

So anyway, I suppose the lesson here is that the next time the post Beta #2 shows up in my stats… don’t click it.

As if that is remotely possible.

As if


2 Responses to “Down The Rabbit Hole”

  1. swo8 Says:

    Sometimes your body is trying to tell you something. Sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy.

  2. Dipitie Says:

    Maybe we should petition for everyone to read this post, so it will remind you not to click on the other one!

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