Fuck Cancer Part Dos

April 22, 2014

I had a post about adoption mostly written and ready to publish last week when I received word that my friend was taken to the hospital and likely had metastatic melanoma. I held it in drafts because I just couldn’t publish a post about adoption while my friend was fighting to live. She’s still gonna have to fight to live but she at least survived emergency brain surgery last week and will likely be going home from the hospital very soon.

She lives to fight another day.

I will continue to support her however I can. If you have some extra $$ she could really use it as I’m sure the bills are going to be outrageous – even with insurance coverage. Click here to donate. She’s a total rock star. I promise. Just…without the rock star income.

Until I receive my next assignment for how I can help her, this blog will return to its regularly scheduled topic of all things related to me attempting to acquire a tiny human.

Stay tuned.

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