It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to

April 5, 2014

“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”
― W.C. Fields

Recently Right Guy and I have been doing something that we never allowed ourselves to do before: talk baby names.

Previous pregnancies resulted in us knowing that we were on the same page with names in general terms – although that was not a huge surprise. We are both pretty solidly in the classic name camp. As with most things in our lives, I’m more liberal and open to alternate spellings and or new twists than he is but it’s nice to know we are starting the same book together even if not on the exact same page.

Which is why it came as a total shock to me that he pretty much hates my favorite girl name. Um…what?!

For no good reason. It’s not an ex-girlfriend’s name or anything like that. He just doesn’t like it. Hmpf.

But there’s another girl name pretty high on my list that he likes. It is a family name for both of us. It’s even spelled the same in both our families and this is a name with several conventional spellings and even more newer alternate spellings. So…if we have a girl I think she has a name. Although I’m also a big fan of the idea of meeting her first and making sure it works for her. I’m also a fan of arguing my case for the other name I like. We shall see…

We are a bit lost on boy names though. Trying to pick a classic yet not boring nor too popular boy name that doesn’t end in -er is kind of difficult.

Which pretty much guarantees us to get a boy.

But this is all extremely premature as there are no babies to name yet. But it’s exciting that we finally let ourselves start talking about it.


2 Responses to “It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to”

  1. hipsterczar Says:

    Wow! This shows such a commitment!

  2. oc15 Says:

    it is very exciting to talk baby names 🙂 i honestly don’t know how anyone has ever been able to name their baby though! i have names i like, then a few months later i don’t like them anymore. we have a few names we both like but i just can’t wrap my head around picking one name and that’s it, forever hahaha. our plan is have a few names ready then have the baby, spend some time with him/her and then we’ll pick the one we feel is best. on the boy name front William is a nice one. no er ending, classic and not too popular 🙂

    here are my tops at the moment.
    BOY – #1 Merrick, #2 Van, #3 Beau.
    GIRL – #1 Maeve, #2 Marigold, #3 Allegra.

    pretty all over the place and a little outside the box!

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