Bloggers Unite for EndoMarch – March Wrap Up

March 27, 2014

Well, March is almost over. Endometriosis Awareness Month is almost over and the EndoMarch came and went (but I didn’t).

In case you missed it, Casey put out a blogging challenge and it’s now time for me to wrap it up. But first, here are the previous posts:
Week One: Basic Info
Week Two: Getting Personal
Week Three: An Open Letter to Congress
Week Four: An Interview
Week Five – Goals
Week Six: Why Is This Important?
Week Seven: Spread The Word
Week Eight: Friends & Family

This post should combine Casey’s assignments for weeks 9 & 10. Except I don’t have much to say about them because I didn’t attend the EndoMarch. Which is also sort of why I didn’t post DURING weeks 9 & 10. OK, so maybe I have also been just a little busy with surrogacy stuff, too.

Since I did not attend the EndoMarch I can’t write about what I packed or what it was like to be there. But I CAN continue to spread awareness. But you know what they say, right?

A picture is worth 1000 words.

So how ’bout some VIDEO?

Here’s a short clip from my excision surgery last November.

WARNING: It’s only about 2 min long and is not too disgusting. At least compared to other parts of the video I have. But it DOES show blood and internal organs. If those things don’t make you queasy then take a peek.

So. Now you’re AWARE of what excision surgery looks likes.


4 Responses to “Bloggers Unite for EndoMarch – March Wrap Up”

  1. swo8 Says:

    Very neat piece of surgery. Was that inside the uterus? Looks more like the vaginal vault. I did train as a surgical nurse.

    • Fox Says:

      I can’t really say for sure where it is since I have no training in that area. I can say that it was not inside the uterus nor the vagina. It may have been the cul-de-sac.

      • swo8 Says:

        Okay I think I know what you mean. They were cauterizing the little – was it a fibroid or growth of some sort. In Canada they would have sent that to the Lab for analysis. Did you get a result? Pretty good work and it would heal readily.

        • Fox Says:

          They were cutting out all the tissue around that spot of endometriosis. Instead of only cauterizing the endometriosis itself, they cut it out. And yes, it went to the lab and yes it was definitely endometriosis. That was just one little clip my surgery. It was one of the first spots of endo she found.

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