Road Trip

January 30, 2014

Tomorrow I collect our last two embryos from their current home and drive them to their new home. With any luck they won’t stay at their new home for very long but be soon transferred to a warm and loving uterus that is not my own (cuz that bitch is GONE). My hope is that our trip is uneventful and nothing like the one below.

Rest assured, there will be no shortcuts. And no bridge jumping (even though there are a lot of bridges to be crossed). I will stay on the interstate the whole way (except for in-town obviously). And didn’t someone eat a gerbil in this movie? None of that either.

Just me and some tunes and the kiddos in a temperature controlled box. Do I strap them in?

Although, maybe – just maybe, there will be a stellar after party once the embryos are safely ensconced in their new freezer.

Except… I don’t know how to clog. I hear it’s… Tricky. 😉

As is embryo moving.

Look for updates and pics on Twitter: @FurrowedFox & @BunSeekingOven


3 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. Kitten Says:

    Safe journey!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    have a great and safe drive!!

  3. […] 3 whole minutes [OK it was more like a half hour] after I posted about the road trip last week I got a call telling me that the container the embryos would be riding in had not yet arrived. Cue […]

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