Holiday Traditions

November 27, 2013

How important are traditions to you around the holidays? And how have you had to change them since marriage/kids/death?

Growing up I always spent Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house amongst all manner of distant relatives that showed up for the annual family reunion.

Once my brother got his license we began driving to Pops’ house after the meal at our grandmother’s and having a second Thanksgiving meal with him. Having divorced parents is really not all bad. 😉

Two Turkey Dinners > One Turkey Dinner.
In case you were wondering.

Then my grandmother had to go live in a nursing home and her house was sold. That was a hard tradition to give up. I will forever associate this holiday with a huge crowd of people – a true “the more the merrier” kind of celebration. Someone always “brought home a stray” or two. Anyone of us who knew someone who had nowhere to go on Thanksgiving knew that our friends always had a place at my grandmother’s table. Momz’ family tried to keep up the tradition alternating at other houses but eventually it fizzled out after my grandmother died.

But I had the new tradition of Pops’ Thanksgiving to ease the transition. When I married Wrong Guy it just conveniently worked out that we spent Thanksgiving with my family and Xmas with his. It seems to be working out that way so far with Right Guy as well.

From age 12 until Pops died I think I only missed 2 Thanksgivings with him. I was out of the country for one. And had just moved across the country for the other. Not only was it his favorite holiday, I was always with him for it. In TWENTY FIVE YEARS I missed only TWO Thanksgivings with him. So it’s natural to think about him a lot this time of year.

Tomorrow will be my third Thanksgiving without Pops. I will be with Right Guy, my brother, SIL and the Kiddos. And we will toast the Old Man. And perhaps this will become our new tradition.


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  1. Katie Says:

    Celebrating without loved ones is always hard. In my family, it is tradition to set a place for those who are not with us anymore so that we remember they are still with us in spirit. (This is only at big holiday dinners of course.) Our biggest change is with everyone getting married and trying to figure out how to split the holidays… we’re still trying to figure out this out, but I think it gets a little easier each year.

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