Pre-Op Checklist

November 16, 2013

  1. Acquire Pops’ iPad from Bro. He has filled it with True Blood for me.
  2. [DONE]

  3. Wash ALL the things. Once I manuever the stairs to get into my house after surgery I do not plan to tackle stairs again for at least week. Washer and dryer are in the basement.

  5. Change the sheets whether or not they need changing. I do not want to attempt that post-op either.
  6. [DONE]

  7. Go out to dinner at a ridiculously expensive restaurant (we have a gift cert) and eat as if I’m not having surgery anytime soon.
  8. [DONE. And thank you to the FoxTroop of Twitter Fairies for contributing! You guys ROCK!]

  9. Buy all the easy/comfort food for post-op munchies completely disregarding how healthy (or not) they are.
  10. [MOSTLY DONE. Might send Right Guy for the rest.]

  11. Prepare Jell-O for pre-op bowel prep. Ick.
  12. [Will do this tonight. At least I have flowers. See below.]

  13. Straighten up the house, take out the recycling, etc. Firstly, the cleaning lady is coming while I’m in surgery (fortuitous!). Secondly, let’s start with a clean house because it’s sure to get bad once Right Guy becomes solely responsible for it. I’m already yelling at him in my head for this. 😉
  14. [Currently procrastinating…]

A sample of tomorrow’s bowel prep and next week’s diet.

This was the second cat to check out the Martini bouquet.


2 Responses to “Pre-Op Checklist”

  1. Dipitie Says:

    I’ll be thinking of you!!!

  2. diahannreyes Says:

    Wishing you a smooth procedure and look forward to hearing about your journey afterwards.

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