The Importance Of Being Earnest

November 13, 2013

Today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt is: What is your favourite hour of the day?

You know what? Let’s not. These prompts can be helpful. Most of them are so far off topic from what I usually write about. That’s both a good and a bad thing. Good in that it pushes me to branch out, bad in that I think I just end up with throw away posts that no one wants to read. Which is why I don’t typically post every day in the first place. I prefer to write about things that actually inspire me. And, to be honest, this one just doesn’t.

I will answer it, though. My favorite hour of the day is the one during which I feel most creative.

And now, on to other topics!

I started this post in the morning with the idea that I would finish it at lunch. I thought a light bulb would appear over my head at some point. It didn’t. It turns out that it wasn’t just today’s prompt that I found uninspiring…I’m just feeling uninspired. So why should I bother to post? If I’m not inspired to write it will just be non-sensical stream of consciousness that’s not worth reading. I mean, moreso than usual. 😉

I am not a rule follower. By no means am I some gun-wielding outlaw running amok shooting people in the Old West. I am a (mostly) law-abiding, rule-following upstanding citizen. But I am perhaps a bit too logical and if I see a specific instance where a rule or law just doesn’t make sense then I don’t follow it. Or I at least question whether to follow it.

Yes, as a lover of common sense, those zero tolerance rules in schools make smoke come out of my ears. Or the automatic three strikes you’re out (or rather IN prison) for drug possession even if it was only one joint for personal use and you’ve never ever done anything violent. It just doesn’t make sense. And why even have judges and school principals if their decision making authority is taken away from them?

But I suspect this is a post rant for another time.

What I’m really doing at this very moment, even while typing this out, is questioning the reasons why I should, or should not, post today just because NaBloPoMo says I should. Sure you could argue that it’s a personal goal I set for myself and I’d be giving up and disappointing myself if I don’t post. To which I respond – I won’t be disappointed about not posting drivel. If it’s the right decision to make then I won’t be letting myself down rather I’ll be saving myself from embarrassment. Just because it’s a rule doesn’t mean I feel compelled to follow it. Or feel bad about not following it.

But isn’t the point of NaBloPoMo to force yourself to write even when you feel uninspired?

Um, yeah. I think that’s why I’m still typing.

And this post may in fact be drivel. But I think it represents an important thought process. Why do we do, or not do, the things we do? Everything we do should have reason and purpose in our lives – even if the purpose is to skive off and do nothing purposeful for stress relief. I’m all about the importance of doing nothing.

But whatever you do or don’t do, I think it’s important to stop and ask yourself why you are doing it (or not).

Thoughts? What motivates you?

[Yes, lack of motivation IS a viable answer to that question!]


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