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November 9, 2013

This whole surrogacy thing can be incredibly surreal at times. Most Assisted Reproductive Medicine (ART) is team oriented in that it takes so many people – doctors, nurses, sometimes egg/sperm donors – to make the magic happen. But surrogacy is probably the most team oriented as the third party’s obligations last much longer than say, a sperm donor’s.

So in the spirit of teamwork, B (she’s the gestational carrier in case you forgot) and I were talking about possible T shirts and hashtags for this venture of ours. I know some people don’t really ‘get’ the use of hashtags at all (I love them due my overwhelming need to bin things), or at least outside of Twitter, but whether you do or don’t like the concept I think everyone can appreciate just having a team name. Or mascot.

What do I want in a hashtag? Well, first there’s the obvious: it must be fox themed. I mean, DUH.

Secondly, and I feel strongly about this, is the feeling of this not only being a group/team effort but there’s something…sly about it almost (to build on the fox theme). I feel like our efforts to #outfoxIF are on the level of hijinks. Shenanigans. Escapades. Group involvement around a plan that is somehow different from most plans. Or crazier. It involves an element of trickery and is somehow therefore lighter and more fun. Or maybe I just want it to be fun because surrogacy is so damn SERIOUS.

Anyway, my original idea was #Foxcapades. But it didn’t incorporate the third element I wanted to capture: the fact that we are making BABY foxes. I couldn’t seem to come up with anything that worked with Kit or Pup. Or any other diminutive form of fox.

And then B wrote me this:

What about KitCaper? Or if we wanted to go Kardashian KitKaper. 😉

Um…have I mentioned I love alliteration? No? I do. My twitter handle is not @FurrowedFox by accident. So Kardashian or not, I like it.

Not only is caper in keeping with my ideas of a light-hearted group effort, but it’s also reminiscent of The Great Muppet Caper. And I pretty much love all things Muppet. Well done, B!

Then someone on Twitter referred to B and me as a #DynamicDuo. We do make a good team, I think. I’m not sure we’d make good superheroes but we could definitely rock some capes. And some flow charts.

[It’s OK if you don’t get that last reference. B will. ;-)]

And so, without further ado, I give you the three hashtags for this surrogacy.

  1. #outfoxIF – this one mostly represents me trying to do just that.
  2. #DynamicDuo – this one represents (in my mind) B & me as a bun baking team.
  3. #KitKaper – this one represents EVERYONE who is has been involved in the process. All the docs and nurses along the way, the men who have stood by us, the friends and family who have supported us and all the Tweeps & Bleeps out there who offer virtual support. This hashtag is for you!

So let’s all meet up, clad in black of course (capes are optional), and make this happen!


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  1. Love it! Not only the hashtags themselves, but the meanings behind them and the seriousness with which you chose them. Love love love!

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