My Space

November 5, 2013

No, not MySpace. That’s dead, right? Or did I hear it was being resurrected? Do I still have an account there? Maybe I should check on that…

My space. My writing space.

Today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt is Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

Generally, I write in one of two places: my home office or my phone on the go.

My ‘home office’ sounds really nice. The phrase ‘home office’ makes me think of catalogues and realtor shots of a real office, but in your home. But it is far from that. Perhaps most people’s home offices are more like mine? It’s a tiny corner in a spare room that, in all honesty, is not for guests but for cats. And the modem and router. And all the toys and art supplies for when the Kiddos visit.

Right Guy has an entire basement man cave. Well, he does share it with the laundry. And the litter boxes. So maybe I’m better off in my little corner.

Despite it being an all purpose room, I have made it my own. I have a couple of foxes who oversee my writing efforts.

And my favorite art is on the walls. On top of the dresser is my collection of glass decanters (2 of which were from my grandmother) that Right Guy is not fond of. Said dresser contains all manner of things from Pops’ house that I either haven’t gone through yet or simply don’t know what to do with – mostly the latter.

What to do with your dead father’s stuff? Well, that’s another post. So I will leave you with one more pic of my other writing space.

Here’s where I typed most of this post – on my phone, on the bus on the way to work.


One Response to “My Space”

  1. Love the foxes!
    My space is the same way…an antique library table from my great aunt, a laptop, presided over by my favorite teddy bear my sister gave me when I was 12…all crammed into our “spare room” which is also my sewing room, stepson’s bedroom when he stays with us, general catchall room, you get the picture! Love that others’ “offices” are as crazy eclectic as mine!

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