November 3, 2013

I recently posted about needing new horror movie suggestions. Then I came across this list: 30 Forgotten Horror Movies You Should Revisit.

And I saw this: slugs


I cannot UNsee that.

You’re probably laughing at me right now. But SLUGS are my worst creature imaginable.

Everyone’s got their thing – his/her weird fear.

Mine is slugs.

I once had a nightmare that a giant slug was chasing me. When I say giant I mean like 3-4 stories tall. And although logically I know that slugs aren’t really quick creatures, that sucker was practically flying across a sea of slime toward me. Kind of like Slimer from Ghostbusters only bigger. And way scarier. And SLIMIER. It was an EVIL slug.

So yeah. Won’t be watching that one. *shudders*

Also, in case you ever have to deal with a slug infestation, buy beer. Cheap beer. Pour beer into some container that a slug could climb on or in to. The slug will drink the beer, get drunk, fall in and drown. Problem solved.

Now if someone made a movie about DRUNKEN SLUGS I could maybe watch that.


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  1. dipitie Says:

    AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Nice list by the way, thanks for sharing 🙂

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