November Welcome

October 31, 2013

Hello there!

I did a few things recently that lead me to believe there might be some new people stopping by.

1. I registered for BlogHer 2014
2. I signed up for NaBloPoMo
3. I signed up for ICLW

That last one doesn’t really warrant the disclaimer that I feel I should make for the first two. I’ve done ICLW in the past and it’s usually other infertility bloggers who already know that I talk a lot about my lady bits. But if you’re NOT an infertility blogger then consider yourself warned: I talk about my lady bits a lot here. I write about other things as well but since I’m having a hysterectomy this month you should expect to see the word uterus a lot.

Just sayin’. Consider yourself warned.


13 Responses to “November Welcome”

  1. KeAnne Says:

    I’m doing NaBloPoMo too!

  2. Furrowed Fox Says:

    I know! I was on the fence about it but decided to do it. We can encourage each other.

  3. So many people doing nablopomo !.good luck.

  4. kthlava Says:

    I am a fellow NaBloPoMoer – is that how you say it…and just found your blog. I am not afraid of the word uterus, in fact I have one! Good luck with the challenge!

  5. Christina Says:

    I don’t have issues with infertility, and lady bits don’t bother me, probably because I’m female. I still have issues with used menstrual products, though, just so you’re warned.

  6. Good luck with all!
    With love,
    Thank you

  7. I HAVE been outta the loop, I had no idea about Medusa’s eviction. 😦
    I tried NaBloPoMo a couple years ago and got so angry and depressed with myself because I couldn’t keep up.
    Good luck with everything, I’ll be following along! πŸ™‚

  8. Kasey Binne Says:

    I stumbled across your blog via the Our Misconception blog. I skimmed your history and want to say “thanks” for putting your story out there. This TTC shit is for the birds and the only good source of support is finding someone who “gets it”.

    With that in mind, I wonder if you might be able to point me in a direction. I had a lap last month where Endo was found and the OB believes I have Adenomyosis due to the “redness” of my uterus. (My chart said “hyperemic uterus”…God, I have tried to Google this and can’t find ANYTHING decent about this term.) Do you know of any sites/ resources to look into?

    My OB told me not to worry about it at all for TTC and I have no idea whether it will impact me in the long term or not.

    Thanks and hugs to you.

  9. PNG Says:

    Hi! I got here through ICLW which I think is a good way of finding new interesting blogs like yours. I hope you are recovering well. Sorry a probably stupid question but what do you mean with “signing up for Blog Her 2014”?

  10. AlleyRose Says:

    Hi from ICLW! No lady-bits warning needed here…I don’t even give the word ‘uterus’ a second glance anymore. Hope you are recovering well from your hysterectomy. I look forward to following your story.

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