Greek Mythology

October 17, 2013

I mentioned this on Twitter about a week ago but everyone must have been off looking at something else [shiny baubles no doubt].

I FINALLY named my hangry uterus something other than AngryUte.

Perhaps this is not big news to everyone else but as she nears her demise I’ve felt more and more strongly about naming her. Having a name for something gives you power.

And so… I named her… Medusa.

Because she’s ugly and her wall has all sort of offshoots like Medusa’s snake hair. [I seriously have GOT to get the image from my HSG so I can post it]

And she’s just a mean hangry bitch.

I really hope Dr. CanDo doesn’t turn to stone in the middle of my surgery.


6 Responses to “Greek Mythology”

  1. KeAnne Says:

    I always felt a little bad for Medusa. Tell Dr. CanDo to bring a mirror to the surgery so h can follow Perseus’ lead.

  2. RageMichelle Says:

    I feel you. I still have mine, ,but I had the lining burned out two years ago. She still makes me miserable from time to time though.

    Good luck with your surgery!

  3. Aussa Lorens Says:

    Dark, very dark. I like it.

  4. Dipitie Says:

    OMG you slay me

  5. […] you’re lost, not to worry. Medusa is my uterus. Yes, I named her. I finally requested the Xray images from my HSG (hysterosalpingogram) from over a year ago and […]

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