September Surrogacy Update

September 16, 2013

What with all the doc appointments I’ve had recently regarding my own health and endometriosis and adenomyosis I think I may have neglected to give an update on ALL THINGS SURROGACY.

It’s a bit bizarre, but also quite normal, to be pursuing surrogacy and a hysterectomy at the same time. Although I know that Candace over at Our Misconception is doing the very same thing. Well, OK, maybe not the very same thing. Her issues are little more serious so she has much less choice in the matter of removing her uterus than I do. But I digress.

I just reviewed all my surrogacy posts and it would seem that I never posted about my appointment!!! The clinic near our GC [GC=Gestational Carrier. Learn it. Too long to type out and I’m not even going to give her an initial. Privacy, hello?] wanted me to show up in person sooner, rather than later, in this whole process so I went. The RE seems nice enough but as I won’t be dealing with her examining MY body I’m not too picky. Once again, I got the look. The look that says, “She must be relating this incorrectly. It can’t be exactly what’s she’s saying. She must have some part of it wrong.” Yeah, that first ectopic still haunts me. In more ways than one.

Canadian Fox kept me company in new RE's waiting room

Canadian Fox kept me company in new RE’s waiting room

Long story short… We’re a go!!!

The embabies are approved for use but haven’t been moved yet. They are living it up RENT FREE right now so until I get an eviction notice there they will stay. Sorry guys, I know you’re looking forward to our road trip. 😦

My records, all of them [Why ALL of them? Who knows? At this point I just sign the forms and am thankful the needles aren’t for me anymore], should be there by now proving my suitability as a candidate for surrogacy – aka BumUterusItis.

The next steps are for Right Guy and I go to our counseling/psych eval session [scheduled in Oct] and for the GC to go see the RE [also scheduled!].

So, here we are, continuing our baby steps to surrogacy.

And, just in case you missed it, along the way I’m writing a series for Fertility Authority called Surrogacy 101. My goal is to take everything I learn from this experience and put it out there for others to see. Perhaps it will help someone else make an informed decision about whether surrogacy is right for him/her.

Surrogacy 101
What Is Surrogacy?
What Is the Cost of Surrogacy?
Lesson #3 will be about how to go about choosing a surrogate. Look for it in late September.


4 Responses to “September Surrogacy Update”

  1. C&C Says:

    Great post as always. It is also pretty freaking awesome your embi-babies are living it up rent free. Every bit of savings count!

  2. Dipitie Says:

    Good for you! I know there is so little information out there that seems to answer my specific questions. Not that I have a chance at surrogacy (unless my husband is going to knock someone else up, and that is a way different issue), but in almost every option I have questions that I may not be able to find. So glad you are doing this!

  3. KeAnne Says:

    Rent free? Lucky embabies! It does seem a little jarring to be talking about surrogacy and hysterectomy at the same time – isn’t modern medicine amazing?

  4. Jess Says:

    I recognize that RE’s office! Great view, isn’t it? Baby steps is a good way to go. I know “hope” must be a weird feeling after all this time- but sending so much of it your way- along with luck, faith, courage and more. To you and your amazing, inspiring surrogate.

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