The Appointment

September 12, 2013

Just in case you don’t follow me on Twitter [WHY DON’T YOU?], let me recap. I have a twitter friend. She’s a touchy-feely social worker type but I like her anyway. She works with an endometriosis specialist doctor and counsels endo patients. And she has endo herself (and in some pretty odd places that will make you go O_O ).

Long story short, she’s been bugging me to break up with my GYN and find an endo specialist in my area. Apparently there aren’t that many endo specialists out there. [WHY NOT?!?!?! THIS IS A DISEASE THAT AFFECTS MILLIONS OF WOMEN!]. In any case, a short list of expert endo surgeons can be found here. Perhaps there are more. I sure hope so.

I have a history of endo. As well as a history with doctors who said, “Oh no, that’s not a symptom of endo.” When I went off birth control at my RE’s instruction I was TERRIFIED it would just lead to horrible pain (like it did the last time I went off BCPs to TTC with Wrong Guy). But it didn’t. My body had shut itself down for reasons unknown to modern medicine. And the endo stayed away. For three years. I thought I was home free. I’m supposed to be reaching early menopause after all.


So anyway, this twitter friend perpetrated some minor chicanery and got me an appointment with a (somewhat) local specialist well in advance of when her office was normally scheduling new patients.

My GYN had said if she did surgery she would do ablation. If endo was on the bowels – nothing she could do. If endo was on the ureters – nothing she could do. A high percentage of women still have pain after surgery. Or she could open me up and find nothing and then I’d have pain and no diagnosis. Mind you, this GYN has NEVER done a physical exam on me.

The specialist… what shall we call her? Dr. CanDo. She said the word CAN’T is not in her vocabulary. She couldn’t guarantee that she could fix all my pain but she felt confident that she could help it and whatever she couldn’t fix (i.e. something not endo or adeno) she could diagnose and refer me to someone else who can help. Oh and that endo on the bowel which she thinks I definitely have? She can excise it.

Dr. CanDo poked me in places not poked before. I’m still not confident that she has a handle on all my exact issues (it’s only been ONE appointment) but I do feel confident that she can help and that she can fix a fair amount of it.

Imagine a bunch of fireworks going off inside your uterus.  That's kinda what mine looks like - minus the flag.

Imagine a bunch of fireworks going off inside your uterus. That’s what mine looks like – minus the flag.

For starters… Angry Uterus is going Bye Bye. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

This is something that GYN was extremely reluctant to do. She feels that as long as I don’t bleed my uterine pain is under control – which is partially correct. But it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep me from bleeding. Five doses of lupron and 3 packs of continuous BCPs later and I’ve bled twice and suspect I’m about to again. And Dr. CanDo suspects that removing the uterus may help other pains as well. Apparently when the uterus contracts due to adenomyosis it disrupts all the pelvic floor muscles which in turn throws off lots of other pelvic muscles. Long story short, she thinks a lot of my pain is MUSCULAR.

Angry Ute has tried to kill me. She’s not suitable for the growing of tiny humans. And she causes me pain. Why shouldn’t we get rid of her? Really, what’s the point? Because it’s so… FINAL? Well… most REs won’t touch me with a ten foot pole. Is that not final? You really think I’m going to accidentally get pregnant while not having sex because I’m in pain? Nope. I don’t think so. So let’s throw her out.

Dr. CanDo thinks I can keep my ovaries. I think Righty is suspect but we’ll wait and see what she looks like on the inside. As far as I know, there is no reason not to keep at least one ovary, if not both, and that is good news.

So… let’s just take her out a call me officially barren.

These are the Badlands (in SD).  Not much grows there but they are still pretty badass.

These are the Badlands (South Dakota, USA). Not much grows there but they are still pretty badass.


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  1. Casey Says:

    “touchy-feely”? Yeah, that just about sums it up 🙂 Like the name Dr. CanDo!!

  2. nonsequiturchica Says:

    The fact that your GYN would be okay stabbing you with Lupron needles and feeding you BCP in hopes that it keeps the bleeding away until you hit menopause is crazy. Yes, taking Angry Uterus out is a major thing to do, but if it will save you pain….

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