Last Weekend

September 8, 2013

This past week was kind of a whirlwind so I haven’t had much time to write (even though I have a ton to write about). It started with a holiday weekend with Right Guy, Bro, SIL and the Kiddos (aka Niece, LilNiece & Nephew from here on out) during which LilNiece struck again. You may recall a previous post about LilNiece saying the darnedest things. Well, she had a new one last weekend.

As most of you know, Right Guy and are not married. Bro likes to give Right Guy some good natured jabs about this and sometimes he enlists his kids in this effort to get me married off. It’s sort of a running family joke. She’s asked plenty of times about why we’re not married (that’s another post) but this time she had a different motivation. This time she has proven herself a schemer.

The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: [Just woke, up drinking coffee]

LilNiece: Are you my real aunt? You’re not married so how can you be an aunt?

Me: [Drinks coffee to stall] Your Daddy is my brother and that’s what makes me your aunt. Forever and always. I am your real aunt and I will ALWAYS be your aunt.

LilNiece: But Niece said you have to be married.

Niece: No I didn’t, that’s not what I said.

Me: Some aunts and uncles are related by blood and some by marriage. I’m your Daddy’s sister so I will always be your aunt. Uncle Right Guy, however, has a somewhat…less official…status as your uncle.

LilNiece: But if you get married then he would be my real uncle?

Me: Yes.

LilNiece: So…when you get married I can be flower girl, right?

Me: [Suddenly realizes that the entire conversation was not about aunts and uncles but her desire to dress up and be in a wedding]

Bravo, LilNiece, bravo. I totally didn’t see that one coming.

Also? Yesterday I got an email from Momz about her making a last minute trip for LilNiece & Nephew’s birthday later this month. Apparently LilNiece wants Momz at her party and has already told Momz that Right Guy and I will be there. At HER party. The one that’s not planned yet. For a birthday she shares with her twin brother.

This one is gonna be T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Possibly even before she hits 13.

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