The Unthinkable – A Follow Up

August 11, 2013

Yesterday’s post (The Unthinkable) generated quite a lot comments regarding the embryos. Apparently most other people’s clinics required that a decision be made in advance about what would happen to any frozen embryos if the couple died.

All I can say is this: if it was in our IVF paperwork I don’t remember seeing it. Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. I do remember, at some point, considering whether any unused embryos would be given to research but I think that came a few weeks later when I thought I was going to get my baby and not need all six.

Again I will remind people that we did a SURPRISE IVF. It was not planned. That cycle was supposed to be injectables + timed intercourse. But my ovaries made a surprise comeback and I ended up with 6 follicles in play. OldRE adjusted my dose downward to try and get just one or two to pull ahead but it didn’t work. At that time we weren’t sure my ovaries would EVER produce like that again. I was originally told IVF wasn’t an option because I didn’t have enough eggs left. Our choices were cancel or convert to IVF. So we converted. OldRE adjusted my dose upwards to try and coax out a 7th and 8th follicles but that didn’t work either.

It was a Wednesday afternoon when we decided to go for our surprise IVF. Six eggs were retrieved the following Monday morning. That Thursday and Friday in between were spent frantically ordering new meds, signing all manner of forms that I doubt I even read and getting all manner of bloodwork done for both of us, as well as an additional semen analysis for Right Guy.

I’m actually really glad that it played out that way. I’ve watched other people stress and obsess over upcoming IVF cycles – particularly the first one. I didn’t have to go through that. I didn’t have TIME to stress or obsess too much. I was on auto-pilot. I didn’t have time to think about what to do with potential frozen embryos. In fact, I didn’t expect to have any. With only 6 eggs retrieved I never expected ALL of them to fertilize and then ALL of them to make it to day 3.

And no one expected what followed. At the time, it was inconceivable that three years later I would have no children and 2 frozen embryos left. Most people move a lot faster in this game.

Also, my old clinic, at the time, did not have a billing system in place for frozen embryo storage (they set it up later). Neither does my current clinic which is why my embabies are kickin’ it rent free at the moment. The new clinic is much more on the ball about all this. And also, surprisingly, much more expensive.

So anyway, for what it’s worth, I think that the reasons no one asked about this before lie somewhere in the middle of surprise and not being set up for long term storage.

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