Baby Steps to Surrogacy

August 6, 2013

Sometimes I feel like Bill Murray (aka Bob).

What About Bob?

Richard Dreyfus & Bill Murray in What About Bob?

Anyway, here’s the latest:

1. Embabies have been approved for third party use!
Since we are now on our third (and a half?) clinic, this new clinic wanted to verify that all infectious disease tests (and anything else the FDA requires) were, in fact, done prior to the original IVF. You may recall that it was a whirlwind surprise IVF and we only had 2-3 business days (+ a weekend) to complete all the paperwork and bloodtests before egg retrieval. So I was a little nervous that something might have been inadvertently overlooked. Not so! New clinic is ready to receive the embies and work with us on surrogacy.

2. Embaby Road Trip.
My original plan was to drive the embryos to the new clinic myself while also setting up an appointment for me to officially establish myself as a patient. I am now rethinking this plan.

I had thought that making ONE trip would be easier than two. BUT. When I received the paperwork to move the embies I discovered two things. First, they charge $300 just to receive the embryos. That does not include any of the transportation costs. They will ship the container to the current clinic on my dime. That’s no biggie, I expected that. But $300 just to accept them? In addition to that, another $300 will be charged for storage if they are not used with 3 months. We’re not sure of our timeline at this point but I’m pretty sure we are more than 3 months out.

So I have decided to make two trips. The embabies will eventually get kicked put of their current rent-free home but I think I’ll let them stay awhile longer. No one has contacted me about kicking them out yet so I think I’ll try and save $300.

And for the record, I find this outrageously expensive. I had to pay storage and processing for the first move but it was much more reasonable. And they didn’t make me pay for a partial year of storage. So I’ve got a little sticker shock right now.

In the grand scheme of things $300 is not a big deal when we’re ultimately going to be spending thousands on this endeavor. I think I’m just irked on principle.


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  1. Dipitie Says:

    I would be irked as well. Irked is probably too nice for how pissed I would be. I do feel like every step of the way we get nickeled and dimed. Nickeled and dimed into poverty.

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