MTV and Infertility?

July 25, 2013

I confess. I rarely watch MTV anymore. Occasionally I check out the train wreck that is Teen Mom2 if I’m feeling particularly masochistic but, other than that, I don’t really watch it. And that’s OK because I’m sooooo not MTV’s demographic anymore. I’m old.

Some of you on Twitter may remember MTV trolling the IF community last year looking for infertile couples for a reality TV show. I recall much discussion about how this would likely result in the “infertile” version of Snooki getting pregnant but then going to jail for leaving the baby in the car – or something equally dramatic and over-the-top. We were all scared of what this show would look like in the hands of MTV.

Would there be a room full of hysterical women injecting themselves with hormones while simultaneously hurling insults at each other as well as their partners?

Would you see anything other than tears and breakdowns and people just losing their shit? Would they even have the balls to air a BFN? Or would it all be rainbows and unicorns after the all the drama leading up to test day?

Well… this weekend we find out.

I have it on good authority that this show, True Life : I’m Desperate To Have A Baby, is actually done quite tastefully and respectfully.
[find it in your local listings here: TV Guide]

How do I know this? Because Chris & Candace from Our Misconception are going to be on it THIS SUNDAY.

From what I understand the time has changed from 3pm to 2pm (I assume EST?) but check your local listings for the exact time. And for those of you on Twitter there will be a Tweet Chat – use #trueLIFE1in8 – before and during the show. I’m going to try to participate if possible. [Assuming I can ever figure out what time it airs for me – it’s possible that I won’t be able to see it until after it’s debuted on the East Coast.]

Let’s all tune in to find out if MTV can redeem itself and handle this subject matter with the respect it deserves. Also, let’s support the couples who took a leap of faith and allowed MTV to film them in the midst of an already stressful treatment cycle. [Can you imagine?]


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  1. Thanks for the heads up…I just saw the episode of True Life and it covered very well what infertility looks and feels like.

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