Surrogacy Checklist

July 9, 2013

I haven’t been sharing much lately. I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps because it doesn’t seem real yet?

But it is. Real.

[Even Right Guy is willingly talking about it]

I’ve been…doing stuff. Stuff to make this happen.

[Along with other stuff like #StandingWithWendy and watching horrible lawmakers around the country]

I have decided on a clinic in the city where the gestational carrier lives. And a lawyer there for me.

I have recommendations for a lawyer and a shrink for her. She has unofficial confirmation that she’ll likely pass the medical screening and is reasonably certain her insurance will cover the majority of the pregnancy. Next steps will be to confirm both of those things.

I thought I had found a shrink but learned last night that she may not be able to do it. I had hoped to find a shrink in my city for myself and Right Guy. But that may not be possible. I need to do some more digging into the details on that. It’s all about ASRM affiliation. The state I live in is not as surrogacy friendly as the state where we are doing the FET and setting up the agreement so folks here just aren’t as up to speed on everything. But we’ll see. Perhaps I can find a way around this requirement. Or, even better, maybe I misunderstood it.

As soon as the original clinic (where the IVF was done) sends the infectious disease records from IVF to the new clinic (request sent) we can work on moving the embryos. Those little ones are going to be well-traveled.

So there. You’re all updated.


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    Thinking of you!!! xoxoxo

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    How exciting! 🙂

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