May 27, 2013

Since my uterus is useless and there will be no more treatments and no pregnancy for me, I’ve decided to make a list [because I ❤ lists] of all the things I want to do that you can't do while pregnant.

  • Weekend getaway – wine tasting [PLANNED for JUNE]
  • Give blood [PLANNED for THIS WEEK – OK so it was already on my schedule but I’m counting it]
  • Go horseback riding with my niece
  • Ride all the roller coasters! [WHERE??]
  • Finally get a fox tattoo [NEED DESIGN]
  • Register and train for a 5k [found one in SEP that might work]
  • Spend more time in my hot tub [as soon as the hot flashes stop]

What else ya got?

P.S. Not a big fan of sushi or soft cheeses.


6 Responses to “Planning ALL.THE.THINGS”

  1. B Says:

    Paint some things? Maybe a table or dresser could use a new look?
    Um… Trying to think here… Your list is pretty good already.
    Jen already suggested cocaine so I won’t go there. 😉
    Have ALL the sex in ALL the positions. Sleep on your belly.

  2. I dyed my hair!! If I can’t have a baby, I might as well be blonde. 🙂

  3. samkersley Says:

    Have a Nice aromatherapy Massage at a Spa
    someone said sleep on your belly…sleep on your back.

  4. Eat lots of deli meats and runny eggs.

    Go bungee jumping and/or sky diving.

  5. Dipitie Says:

    I love your plans! I know I just relished (maybe still relishing) in the fact that I don’t have to put my life on hold any longer, and I can focus on other things, anything! (((HUGS)))

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