Topics of Conversation Last Night

April 9, 2013

When I got the update last night that the embabies had landed in Memphis – which is a major FedEx hub (or perhaps their U.S. headquarters) – my mind immediately thought of Tom Hanks and Wilson stranded on a desserted island.

What if they got put on the wrong plane and it crashed in the middle of the Pacific?

So of course Right Guy took that one step further…
What if they crashed in the Pacific and somehow melded with lizard DNA and a giant Godzilla with a face that resemebled a mix of our faces attacked Japan?

I almost blew wine out my nose!

In the face of anxiety (and mine wasn’t even that bad, really) the best way to deal seems to be to take your worries to the utmost extreme.

Worked like a charm. 😉

So what are some of your crazy/silly scenarios that get you through infertility?


Also discussed: If (this last) FET doesn’t work we will get a new kitten. Or possibly a puppy.

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