Dating After Divorce

March 28, 2013

Anyone who was reading this blog last summer knows that I am divorced. I think I made that clear when I wrote about Wrong Guy. Although Wrong Guy and I were TTC before we divorced, I can’t really blame infertility at all for the end of our marriage. I barely had time to process his abysmal sperm count before things went spiraling down to Hell in our marriage.

But the truth is, for many couples infertility leads to divorce. It’s probably not the sole cause (is there ever really just one?) but it can be a major contributing factor to a break up. Infertility is rough and will test even the strongest relationship. How many of us have lost friends over it?

*raises hand*

Right Guy and I are not married. In part because I’ve been there before. It’s scary to think of going back there. Officially.

Recently, a couple of my tweeps have gotten divorced and are learning how to be single again. Single and infertile – Having been there I can attest to the fact that it’s kind of its own Hell. They are no longer TTC and question their roles in our little IF twitterverse. I’d hate to see them go. But I know that most of us are just not in that place anymore. And so, as an officially still single girl and a divorced woman who had to learn to date, I have decided to write a few posts on some of my more… ahem… interesting post divorce dates. They should prove entertaining to all. I hope.

I don’t plan on getting into the raw emotions of divorce or the ins and outs of navigating online dating or even the steep learning curve that is learning how to date after being married. Or even how to learn to accept that you still have worth/value/game/groove/etc. Unless someone requests that I plan to keep it light. The first installment will be published very soon.


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  1. Angie Says:

    Love that you’re going to write about this! Honesty, I wouldn’t have married again, except we needed a greencard to be together. Can’t wait to read more about your experience.

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