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March 6, 2013

So I thought I’d give a quick update…in bullet point format (cuz I lurv the bullets).

  • As far as I know I still have a kidney stone that’s stuck – unless it broke up and I passed it without noticing.
  • As I’ve suspected for several months, the endometriosis is back. This was confirmed the other day when Wandy revealed an endometrioma.
  • I now have THREE diagnoses that can all cause abdominal pain and it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish what pain is caused by which condition. Which makes it harder to know whether that kidney stone is still hanging around or if the pain is from endo/adeno.
  • After Wandy told her story of what’s up with my innards and we established plans to treat all three diagnoses, my RE projected out a potential FET date. Don’t get too excited, it’s not til late May.
  • I meet with Wandy again next week and will hopefully start 1 month doses of Lupron soon after that.
  • What does it say about my current state of pain that I am practically begging my RE to start Lupron as soon as possible?
  • I don’t want anyone to feel badly but there are entirely too many new babies on Twitter right now. So I’m taking a break. Or monitoring my feed less frequently. Or only interacting with tweeps who don’t have kids (unless you @ me or DM me). Or… something. I haven’t decided how exactly to handle the situation. I just know that Twitter no longer feels like a safe place for me. It’s just what happens when you surround yourself (virtually) with people trying to get pregnant. They DO. I’ve been lapped by too many people at this point. It’s not your fault it’s just the card I drew.

So. There you are. My life right now is chronic pain with plans that will hopefully alleviate said pain and get me in shape for FET. And I may or may not be in a Twitter cave. And if you are one of those tweeps with a baby in the house please know that I am ECSTATIC for you. I really am. It’s just hard.


3 Responses to “The Latest”

  1. Kitten Says:

    Big virtual ((hugs))! I’m sorry you’re still dealing with all this pain crap, but happy to hear there’s a plan. I hope you start feeling better soon. I know all too well the pain of getting lapped. Some of the women who miscarried at the same time I did have already had one healthy pregnancy and are starting to work on seconds. I’m pretty sure I’ll lose my shit (privately, of course) if/when one of them gets a BFP before I do.

  2. Angie Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the endometriosis and dammit I thought that stone came out. I hate that you’re hurting physically, and I hate the pain that comes emotionally as well. I’m just sending you so much love and I hope the Lupron helps. XO

  3. I hope the Lupron helps with your aches & pains. It’s a sad day when you have to beg for a drug that will give you body aches, headaches, and general exhaustion to get some relief from your other pains. 😦

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