Full Circle

February 22, 2013

I’m not sure if I’ve ever said this anywhere but to myself in my head but…

…sometimes I wish OldRE had just taken out my uterus with that first pregnancy.

It would have sucked. MONUMENTALLY.

But I would have been spared a second ectopic. And all this adenomyosis bullshit. My uterus couldn’t look like the scariest place imaginable because I wouldn’t have one anymore.

Perhaps I would have been spared the kidney stones as well. The kidney stones that are now postponing my last FET and maybe even threatening to make that FET impossible (NewRE2 says I can’t have Lupron with kidney stones). If she had taken my uterus out this would all just be done. I wouldn’t have languished in limbo for 2-3 years.

So yeah, I definitely have a kidney stone at the moment. They suspect I’ve had a few recently since I’ve had symptoms off and on for a month. Next stop: urologist.

That will be a super fun appointment since I’ll have to explain the circumstances of my first kidney stone. You know… the kidney stone I got the day after Thanksgiving while I was still technically pregnant with the Zombabies (3+ months post transfer) and my beta had stalled so I had just gotten another shot of MTX (which may or may not have caused the stone)? Yeah… THAT kidney stone.

I’m really starting to suspect that there simply is no recovering from the Ectopic Pregnancy From Hell. Not mentally. And not physically.



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  1. Missy Says:

    Wtf!! Your body needs to get in line and start behaving!! I’m so sorry- kidney stones suck. Never have had one but have taken care of people with them. Argh- so frustrated for you!!!

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