Wait…What Happened?

February 9, 2013

First of all, thank you my tweeps for your concern. I survived the idiocy of the ER last night but it only further proved to me that it’s a place I want to avoid at all costs.

I’m going to tell this tale from the beginning.

Two and a half weeks ago I went in for a baseline ultrasound to start Lupron. The ultrasound showed a cyst on my right ovary. These are usually pretty normal and common but it meant I had to go on BCPs and couldn’t start Lupron. A few days later I started having some pain in the lower right pelvic area. I figured the cyst might be getting worse before it got better. I seem to recall that happened with my first cyst. No biggie.

The next day, a Saturday, I start having UTI-like symptoms – frequency and urgency but no burning. Just a lot of discomfort and I could only get a trickle of urine out at a time. So I drank a bunch of water thinking I just needed to flush out my system and the symptoms would either go away or turn into classic UTI symptoms. But then, I couldn’t pee at all. For about an hour I could not squeeze out even a drop. At the same time I had a sharp stabby pain in the lower right pelvic area and a sensation going up my back to both kidneys. It felt like my bladder was full but not able to release into my urethra. It felt like the urine was flowing backwards back into my kidneys. I have no idea if that’s even possible but that’s what it felt like.

I was really close to going to the ER. But then, mercifully, I was able to squeeze out a trickle. And then another. With each passing trickle the pain subsided a bit. I should mention that I’ve been to the ER for what turned out to be a kidney stone before and I’ve had UTIs before so I know what the treatment is for both. Neither is ER worthy if you can ride out the pain and there are no other horrible symptoms. They can’t laser a kidney stone. And a UTI can be diagnosed at urgent care the next day a lot faster. So once I started peeing, I was determined not to go to the ER.

All told, I spent about 12 hours having difficulty urinating. And then, finally, I achieved full flow. I was still feeling weird but much much better. So I waited until Monday and called in to the RE’s office to report the weekend’s events. My assumption was that the cyst had grown and was somehow putting pressure on the bladder. If there’s an audio version of the McKayla face, the RE nurse had it. She was not impressed. She said to call back if it happened again completely not addressing the fact that I was still having some symptoms, although mild.

Tuesday I ended up in urgent care where they told me it was almost certainly a UTI. They said, the pain could be from the cyst, but they didn’t think it was causing anything else. There was no blood in my urine and ultimately the culture came back negative. By the time the culture came back (Thurs afternoon) my symptoms had finally disappeared. Their working assumption was that I had had a UTI that caused all those symptoms but it had somehow resolved itself. Really? I call bullshit on that. But I actually felt reasonably well over the weekend so I was happy enough.

And then Monday came and brought back the sharp stabby pain on the right side. I maxed out the Advil. Again on Tuesday. This time it was not accompanied by any weird urinary symptoms. I resolved to call on Wednesday for pain meds but awoke pain free and did nothing. To be fair, the sharp stabby pain occasionally also occurs on the left side so I’m no longer convinced this is the cyst’s work. I’m starting to think the Endo Bitch is finally back.

Which brings us to last night.

Last night (why does it always have to be a weekend?) I again had the difficulty urinating and the sharp stabby pain on the right. I had the kidney pain which started on both sides but eventually settled on the right and hung out there all night. Last night felt more like the kidney stone I had before than what happened two weeks ago, despite the symptoms being virtually identical. Again, I resolved to ride it out. The ER would only treat the pain and it would be hours before I would reap that benefit.

Right Guy gave me comforting looks that said, “I’m sorry you’re in pain and feel shitty. But I’m not really worried about you.”

And them my contact got stuck in my eye and after I fished it out I noticed my eyelid was swollen. Normally when that happens it just gets red and irritated. I showed it to RG and joked about what a calamity I am. A few minutes later I start to itch. And my lips feel…big. So I ask RG if a histamine response could have any relation to my other symptoms. He suddenly looks more alert and wants to see where I’m scratching. Sure enough, I’ve got hives all over my upper torso. My eyes, lips and tongue are all feeling fat and talking feels weird to me. RG is suddenly VERY alert and insists I take a benadryl immediately. Then he insists I take another. Followed by a Zantac. He’s pretty much staring at my swollen face and asking me if I’m breathing OK (I was, I never had any breathing problems). My throat did feel a little tight when swallowing but I could breathe fine. About 5-7 minutes after swallowing these pills, I run to the bathroom and puke a few times. I didn’t see any hot pink benadryl pills come back up but we can’t be sure.

To the ER we go. I can tell RG is really concerned that I may stop breathing at any moment even though I wasn’t. Perhaps I should have been.

And then we sat in the ER waiting room for 3+ hours. I was triaged fairly quickly. I gave them a urine sample (which they lost) and my blood pressure was 140/104. They tried the other arm and got 140/88 and sent me back out to wait. We were about to just leave when they finally called me back. By that time the swelling and hives were gone, I was able to pee normally and the pain, although not gone, was much better. And I hadn’t vomited for awhile. But I went back to see if we could get any answers.

The med student arrived fairly quickly took a very thorough history. And then we didn’t see ANYONE for 2 more hours. I continued to feel better. No more nausea/vomiting. Pain holding steady at a reasonable level. No more hives or swelling. And that’s when the nurse strolls in and starts talking about taking blood, putting in an IV getting a CT – the works. WTF? Why do I need an IV NOW? I needed the IV back when I was in horrible pain and vomiting and swelling. I needed the IV 5 hours ago.

Long story short, it took another hour and a half to get out of there without doing any tests and just getting an Rx for pain meds and an epi pen. The epi pen was RG’s idea. He’s kind of freaked out that we have NO CLUE what set me off. I’ve never had a reaction like that before. I have no known food allergies and I didn’t ingest anything (to my knowledge) yesterday that I haven’t had before. I’ve gone over everything I ate and every pill I took yesterday and while some I don’t have regularly, I’ve had them ALL before. There’s nothing new. I’ve only ever had hives once before as a reaction to an antibiotic and even then it was only like two hives. Not all over.

So anyway, that’s what happened. Barring any more symptoms I think I am just gonna wait for my followup with NewRE2 next Friday and see what the cyst is doing and go from there. I really want off these BCPs as I don’t feel right on them. My boobs have been killing me since day 2 of the BCPs. I want NewRE2 to look for everything in his purview before I try to see a urologist or any other doc.

At least now I have narcotics.

And a scary stabby pen. (That was rather expensive)

P.S. Advice: Avoid the ER between the hours of 11pm-6am on a Friday night/Saturday morning.


3 Responses to “Wait…What Happened?”

  1. Casey Says:

    When my endo was very bad I was having all over body hives, felt like i had a uti ALL the time and other crappy symptons. Sending you so much love. i don’t want to scare you, BUT just watch out for your kidneys as we all know Endo has a way of introducing herself to everyone in your pelvic area. xoxo

  2. Katie Says:

    Wow, that is so scary. I’m glad you are ok!!!

  3. Missy Says:

    Cripes, yeah, RG made the right decision to make you go to the ER. I’d have made my DH do the same under the circumstances. Sounds like a bit more of a work up needs to be done. 😉 stop it with the hives!!!

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