Last Year

January 22, 2013

Although I decided to boycott the expectations for the New Year, I did like Slackie O‘s idea of taking stock of all the non-IF related things I did last year. It’s a nice reminder that I do have some semblance of a life outside of all this infertility crap. Her “homework assignment” was to come up with one significant thing you accomplished for every month last year. Here’s what I’ve got:

JAN – Started a new job
FEB – Right Guy’s schedule the worst ever, we survive
MAR – Survived my first birthday w/o Pops (we have the same birthday so I’m used to a dual celebration)
APR – Went to my niece’s Science Fair (that’s all I got)
MAY – Went to Hawaii for the first time on a first-time REAL vacation with Right Guy
JUN – Barely survived my first Father’s Day w/o Pops but had a fantastic TweetUp
JUL – Spent a week in classes for work learning new things
AUG – Joined a book club
SEP – Attended 3 weddings on the other coast
OCT – Got my passport renewed
NOV – Went to my 20 yr High School Reunion
DEC – Went to a Meet Up group BY MYSELF (and survived the news of 3 deaths)

Much of last year was about surviving it would seem. Which is sure better than the alternative. 😉 I would like, at some point, to LIVE more and “just survive” less. But I will not *expect* it.


2 Responses to “Last Year”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    You survived a lot! You must be one tough lady!

  2. Melissa Says:

    I think you came up with more positive things than I can for last year. Hmmm… strange ectopics, chemical pregnancy, crap at work, having to put a 3 yr old dog down for an aggressive cancer. I’m sure if I looked at my calendar I might find more positives but it pretty much sucked- but yes we did survive. That is something.

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