The Plan

January 7, 2013

So this morning’s RE appointment went more or less as expected.

I will get a baseline ultrasound and a 1 month Lupron shot at next CD1.

Three weeks later another ultrasound and probably another shot – depending upon what NewRE2 sees at that ultrasound.

NewRE2 is thinking that 1-2 months on Lupron should at least give us an idea of whether it’s helping and depending upon how things go we’d stop at 2 months or possibly go for 3 or 4. The idea is to do 2 and then start me back up for potential transfer mid-late March. But he wants to be able to tweak things as we go based on my response since my "body doesn’t follow the rules" and my uterus is "special" in some way, "possibly due to genetics."

Yeah, my uterus rides the short bus to school.

[No offense meant to anyone who rides a short bus, I just like the visual.  Can't you just picture a uterus waving a fallopian tube from the window of a school bus?  And my ute definitely could use some Special Ed.]

We’re going to try the Lupron with no add-back/HRT and see if I can tolerate the symptoms. Yowza. Bring on the CRAZY.

In addition to the ultrasounds he wants to do a mock transfer and a hysterosonogram. I think that’s what it’s called – I’ve had one before. It’s really uncomfortable but it’s not nearly as bad as an HSG. The mock transfer is to find the right spot for the blast. All REs involved have suggested going a little lower than normal since the 1st ectopic was on the top of the uterus. They want to avoid that spot.

As for shipping the embryos… there’s a catch on this one. After agonizing over that decision it seems it may be out of my hands somewhat. Apparently the container that is used for transport is quite expensive and my clinic doesn’t own one. I have a suspicion that my old clinic does but apparently, in general, clinics don’t like to loan these things out. NewRE2 is going to look into trying to get one somehow (not sure how) but if he can’t get one then I have to contact private companies to try and contract them to do it. But even that may not work or may prove to be more expensive (and more hassle) than just having me fly back East and have OldRE do the transfer.

The plan is still to thaw the 3d frosties and (attempt to) grow them to 5d blasts. NewRE2 is thinking that it might be better, even if we have to wait a few more days, to let my lining grow pretty thick in an effort to cover all those nooks and crannies in my ute. So those last few days before (potential) transfer could get… interesting. He asked if I would trust him to make the call, based on 20 years experience, of when to do the transfer and WHETHER to do the transfer. I think we’re going off-road here. Since my body is not textbook, he’s thinking outside the box a little. Overall, I like that.

Also… on the subject of what to do if the unthinkable occurs and BOTH embryos look good on day 5 he said he would re-freeze one. He definitively does NOT want to transfer two. So that decision is made for me. I had been leaning towards transferring both just so that this would all be over but it still made me nervous. It’s kind of a relief to have that decision taken away.

All in all I mostly feel good about this plan. The downside is that all the stars and planets have to align to even make it to transfer.

And, if that happens, there’s a whole mountain of other things that have to go right for me to take home a baby.

One step at a time. One step at a time.


3 Responses to “The Plan”

  1. B Says:

    I too like that NewRE2 is thinking outside the box. It seems that your ute needs a little extra consideration when developing a plan of action. Overall it sounds like a good plan! I really hope that all the stars align so that transfer is possible. Then you’ll cross all the other bridges as they come.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Love your mantra! I need to remember it! Sounds like you have a lot of decisions and things in front of you and you are so smart to take them one day at a time! I will be cheering for you and hope that everything will come together in one perfect plan!

  3. Daryl Says:

    It sounds like things are beginning to come together. One day, one thing at a time. Good thing you have a couple of months of Lupron ahead of you to get everything figured out. Good luck!

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