Mental Health

December 16, 2012

For once I’m not referring to my own mental health.

On Friday, I overheard a doctor say, “You can’t take away mental illness but you can take away guns. If they don’t take away the guns after this, I’m moving my family out of the country.” She was reacting as a mother and not as a doctor, I guess. But if that’s the attitude in the medical community how can we ever hope to address the issue of mental health?

Of course you can’t “take away” mental illness. There’s no vaccine for it. But you can treat it. You can help people recognize it. You can build a health care system that addresses it, and covers treatment, instead of ignoring it. These shooters don’t just wake up one day and suddenly decide to go kill a bunch of people out of nowhere. Someone out there knew there was a problem – but was powerless to do anything about it. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

I do not want to get into a debate on gun control. Take them away, don’t take them away. You’re still left with the crazy. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that taking away the guns will take away the crazy. Regardless of where you stand on the gun issue, please don’t forget about the mental health issue.

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