Invasion of the MiniMEs

November 12, 2012

My high school reunion was last weekend. I won’t go into a lot detail on everything that happened, but I will say I had a BLAST and found it to be a wonderful experience overall.  I highly recommend it.

Aside from the official adult evening reunion, there was also a family picnic at a local park. I debated (a lot) with myself about whether to go to the picnic. I was flying solo and wondering a bit if it would be like going to Chuck E Cheese – kid required for entry.

I needn’t have worried as I was not the only one there without a kid. Although I think most everyone was there with a partner and even those who didn’t bring their kids still had them. In short, I was one of a handful by myself and not having ever reproduced. But I soon got over all that and just enjoyed mingling and catching up.

I had come prepared and steeled myself to seeing all the kids. What I didn’t really expect was to look out at all the kids playing and…recognize them.  It was pretty easy to look at a kid and know immediately who that child belonged to. It was…surreal. And thought provoking.

Did no one have adopted kids? No one?!?! Granted the whole class did not turn out, but it was a big class. With 1 in 7 there should have been some kids there who were not MiniMEs. Maybe my high school class was just really fertile.

Anyway, obviously, it made me think about my situation.

How important (to me, to Right Guy) is it to have a MiniME?

Answer: I don’t know.

I mean, I don’t look at all like my brother (strangers have actually assumed we were a couple) and neither of us are the spitting image of either of our parents. He resembles the ‘rents a little more than I do. But neither of us are really MiniMEs. So there’s no guarantee that anything I create will look like me. But it’s not just about the looks. There’s character and temperament, intellect and artistic talent and a host of other traits that might be passed along. Or not.

You’re not guaranteed anything in life.

So why do I feel so entitled to this?
(No, really, I want to know WHY?)

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