Fact Finding Mission

November 5, 2012

I called NewREs’ office today with the intention of scheduling an appointment next week or the week after. But due to myriad issues at the clinic, I pretty much have to come in this week or wait more than a month. So I have an appointment on Wednesday. This was NOT my plan.

The main reason I called today is so I would do it before I chickened out. Right Guy says he wants to explore the possibility of a 5day FET with my body so we might as well take the first steps to see if this is a viable option.

Viable option.

Yeah, let me back up a bit.

First of all, NewREs are two docs in the same clinic. NewRE1 is the one I saw for ectopic #2. She and I got off to a rocky start as you may (or may not) remember (I might have yelled at her staff when it took FOUR DAYS to get my beta back). I think she’s a nice person, a good doctor and a smart person. But we don’t seem to click well.

NewRE2 is the doc I had originally intended to see when I started going to this new clinic. He has a connection to my old clinic and has been peripherally involved in my case since I moved here. He did my HSG. I like him better. So it is him I am going back to see. But make no mistake, with my history it matters very little. No doc makes a decision on my care without consulting other docs. So I will continue to refer to them as NewREs because I have no doubt that NewRE1 will remain involved.

To recap:

My HSG in July showed something like this:
my repro organs
NewRE2 did the HSG and said he thought there was an issue with both the uterus and the remaining tube. The uterine issue was not a surprise to me but the tubal issue was. NewRE1 said, um… NO. No more. Not with images like this. I believe NewRE2 was of the same opinion. But he seems more professionally curious about my case and welcomed OldRE’s input.

So I went to see OldRE and she said she thought it was all uterine with no tubal involvement. She said she’d seen other women with adenomyosis and images like this. She does NOT advise them to NOT get pregnant. The only reason to advise me to not get pregnant is my history. The only thing she would completely rule out for me is a 3d FET. Since we’ve done that twice and CLEARLY it’s not working. But she thought all other options (IUI, 5d FET, surrogacy, adoption) were completely reasonable.

She wrote up her opinion and faxed it to NewRE2.

I have not been back to see NewREs since. I have no idea what they might think or say about all this. My uterus is still a potentially dangerous place. But, for most people, it wouldn’t be an issue. So if I try again it’s just playing those odds. I think.

We’ll see what NewRE2 has to say about it. I have a lot of questions. Like:

If I do a FET, should I have the other tube removed first?

What are the statistics of embryo survival in the lab if thawed at 3d to grow to 5d? Do they have a statistically better chance inside a womb than in the lab?

Should we look into assisted hatching if they make it?

What about that scratch thing to try and get them to implant in a certain spot?

Should we look at my ute again (not an HSG but but another test) to see if it looks any different in the second half of my cycle? Maybe my lining would be thicker and cover up some of those holes.

I don’t know how many facts I will actually glean from this encounter. But we’ll see.

I had begun to find a calmer place since I thought Right Guy was leaning against any option involving my body. And now? The train just pulled back in to the CrazyTown station. Oy.

My klono.pin intake has increased. So it’s probably better that we are doing this sooner than later. But I just wanted to make it clear that this is a fact finding mission, not a planning session. Even if we go through with this, it is not imminent.

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