The Great Facebook Announcement

October 12, 2012

So… I did it. I posted on Facebook, to a limited audience, that I’m looking for a gestational carrier. Many people are curious about the wording so here it is:

Just wondering if I happen to know anyone who just LOVED being pregnant. Anyone ever consider being a surrogate/gestational carrier?

It’s a long story but I may be looking for a carrier and just wondered if anyone I know might consider it. I’m happy to share the full story with anyone who asks but the bottom line is that we have 2 frozen embryos and past experience has proven that my body is not a good place for them. And being pregnant seems to put me in the hospital and require emergency surgery.

So I just thought I’d put that out there. No pressure.

I limited the audience for several reasons:

  1. Right Guy doesn’t want random people coming up to him (at work, for example) asking him about this.
  2. The only reason to include people who are not eligible to be carriers would be if they knew someone and I’m looking for someone *I* know.

So I started by making a list of female Facebook friends who I know have children and are under 40. Then I added their significant others – mostly in case the female half of the couple didn’t see the post, but also because they should be in the loop too. Then I added a few guys I know are fathers but, for whatever reason, I’m not Facebook friends with the female half of that couple. I actually left out the one friend who is still considering doing this for me. I didn’t want her to see the post and feel pressured to give me an answer. Although I did include my BFF from high school who, at one time offered but then rescinded.

I have wrestled with myself quite a bit about this list and still continue to ponder opening it up more (there are only 36 people on the list). But I think I did the best I could.

Now we wait to see if anyone comments. I am hoping that, at the very least, people are curious to know the full story. My worst fear is that NO ONE responds AT ALL. Oy.

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