And another thing…

September 24, 2012

So… one thing I’ve sort of neglected to blog about…

I’ve mentioned it in passing, but apparently it’s sort of a different idea.

I think about what’s the best course of action for my frosties.

Instead of about what course of action is most likely to give me a baby.

Even OldRE admitted she’d never looked at it from that perspective.

I think about what’s the course of action that is most likely to see my frosties to become babes.

I think less about which course of action is most likely to give me a baby.

Apparently that’s not the way most people think about this.

But then, I’m not most people with most people’s medical history.

You could guess yourself silly about how to best/most quickly get yourself a baby. IVFs and FETs don’t always work. Adoptions fall through. There are no guarantees. Even the fertiles have no guarantee of a healthy baby.

Adoption is generally considered “safest.” And I’m not opposed to it at all.

But I have embryos. And neither of us want to abandon them. The best thing I can do for them, as a mother, is to entrust them to someone else – to grow.

I might be willing to risk my body for fresh eggs. But for the frosties… I owe them more.

I guess I have my answer.

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