Crazy? Or Brave? Or…Stupid?

September 19, 2012

I keep thinking about everything that OldRE told me last week.

That the chance of another myometrial ectopic pregnancy “could be as high a coin toss.” But that “it shouldn’t be life threatening” because I’d be “watched like a hawk and monitored very closely.”

shouldn’t be life threatening

Should I even be considering this when the words ‘life threatening’ are used in any capacity?

Right Guy is definitely more cautious. He hasn’t yet said said definitely not but I know he leans in that direction.

What would another myometrial ectopic mean? Best case? Emergency hysterectomy of a non-ruptured uterus.

I’m not keen on surgery in general. Or losing body parts.  But sometimes, most recently due to cramps, I wonder if I’m headed for a hysterectomy regardless.

Although I supposed a planned hysterectomy is better than an emergency hysterectomy.

Worst case? I guess that would be death. From bleeding out from a ruptured uterus.  Although it shouldn’t come to that.

Crazy? Stupid? Brave?

I think I’m swinging back to the former.


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  1. Katie Says:

    That is such a scary and difficult choice. 😦 Regardless of what you decide, I support you!

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