Decisions, decisions

September 14, 2012

I’ve been meaning to blog all week about my appointment with OldRE.

But I’m STILL processing it. I’m not sure what to make of it. So I’m not sure what to write.

For those that don’t know… OldRE had a completely different opinion about my HSG than NewRE.

NewRE said there was something wrong with my remaining tube but shrugged when asked to try to name said problem. NewRE was also caught off guard by the hole/tunnel in my uterus that appears to be in the same location where the first pregnancy was.

OldRE doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with my tube.

Let’s say that again…

OldRE doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with my tube.

How could two (actually FOUR, two new, two old) doctors disagree so completely with the same image?

Well… it’s complicated. But I can kind of understand it. The HSG Xray only shows where the dye goes. It’s an Xray, not an MRI or ultrasound. You don’t see actual organs. You have to interpret what it means. NewRE thought it was showing a “bifurcation” in my fallopian tube near where the tube meets the uterus.

OldRE sees more adenomyosis weirdness (tunnels, chutes, lattices) in my UTERUS. Her colleague agreed.

She says she’s had other patients with adenomyosis and wonky HSGs and she doesn’t advise them NOT to become pregnant. So why would she tell me that?

Except for my history, that is. It’s my history that concerns her more than these latest images.

She was understandably reluctant to put any odds on the table. But she did say that the chance of another ectopic “could be as high as a coin toss.”

Which I interpret as 50-50 odds.

But from her perspective, not much has changed.

We already knew I have adenomyosis and we can’t do anything about it.

We already knew that because of the adenomysosis and the previous myometrial ectopic there’s a chance it could happen again.

I guess this latest image basically just ups the odds a bit. Before there was a chance. Now, perhaps, there is a higher chance.

Regardless of the odds, if I were to become pregnant again, by any means, I would be monitored super closely. Regardless.

From a care/treatment perspective, she wouldn’t treat me any differently based on this HSG. My history alone dictates the need for close monitoring.

So… has anything changed?

I’m not sure.

She thinks it’s reasonable to try an IUI.
She thinks it’s reasonable to try a 5day embryo transfer.
She thinks it’s reasonable to hire a gesational carrier.
She thinks it’s reasonable to move straight to adoption.

The only thing she’s not keen on is another 3day embryo transfer.

Can’t say I’m keen on that either. Despite having two frozen 3 day embryos.

But apparently my body is back on the table. It may well be that I should take it back off. This does all sound rather scary/risky/dangerous.

But as long as I’m monitored closely my life shouldn’t be in any real danger.

OldRE did confirm that if I had another myometrial pregnancy it would earn me a hysterectomy.

I guess the bottom line, is this…

Am I willing to put my body on the line again? Is Right Guy?

I was willing before. Is it any more dangerous now than before?

Perhaps. Maybe. I’m not sure.

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