The Good, The Bad and The… Weird

July 30, 2012

For those of you who follow me on twitter, you’ve likely heard the news already. I had a baseline ultrasound and bloodwork this morning. It’s CD4 of an induced cycle – meaning I didn’t ovulate last month so I had to take progesterone to induce a period.


The Good: I have NINE antral follicles. When I was first diagnosed with POF (Premature Ovarian Failure)/DOR (Diminished Ovarian Reserve) I had TWO. So this is definitely good news. My personal best, that I know of, is thirteen (although I think it went higher I never got specific counts). But I’ll take nine.

The Bad: Six of those nine are on the ovary with no tube. Leaving only three on the ovary with a tube.

I would prefer the opposite. But I’m still thrilled with nine. Based on my last AMH of 0.34 I was hoping for six (but not really confident I’d make it). In the past, although my AMH bounces around like it’s not supposed to, it always seems to correlate to my current AFC (antral follicle count) – When my AMH was 0.1 my AFC was 2 so I kind of just multiplied by three. Very scientific. šŸ˜‰

The Weird: One of the six follies on the non-tubed ovary measured 12mm. And my lining was triple-stripe. Despite the fact that it is CD4 and I am still bleeding (although it’s been super light as usual) it looks as if I’m set to ovulate soon. The doc is not overly concerned about that, however. As your reserve dimishes, your cycles become wonky (don’t I know it!) and weird things happen. Although I have NEVER ovulated early, there’s always a first time for everything.

So I’m concentrating on the fact that I have nine follicles total.

There are still some eggs in my basket. Amazingly.

[Again, I wonder about changing my twitter handle.]

Assuming my HSG looks OK, I think the RE will approve this crazy IUI plan for next cycle. Which apparently may come earlier than expected. Although, knowing my body, and more importantly my ovaries, I’m not holding my breath waiting for early ovulation.

This will be my third HSG. I hate them but I guess it’s necessary. Depsite being suspected of having some tubal disease because of the 2nd ectopic pregnancy, I fully expect my remaining tube to be open and clear. Oddly, I trust it more than I do a Day 3 transfer.

Or maybe not “oddly” given past experience. And the fact that it makes no logical sense to me to suspect my tubes of being diseased just because my last embryo happened to wander up in to one. The docs put more stock in where the embryo journeyed to than where it was coming (running?) from. Personally, I suspect my uterus is just some really horrible inhospitable place and that’s why my embabies run screaming from it to anywhere else that might be more inviting.

Or maybe they really are just directionally challenged.

[Again, I ask for someone to create EmBabyGPS – the tiniest GPS known to man, so easy to use a not-yet baby can do it, and it comes preprogrammed with a map of the uterus.]

Regardless of what may or may not be going on with my embabies and girly parts…

…if you want different results – try something different.

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