My RE thinks I’m nuts

July 20, 2012

I think I figured something out today.

Deep down, I think Right Guy and I both feel like we’re not going to get our BioKid.

It’s been difficult enough to grasp my own logic behind this choice to try IUI. It was even more difficult trying to explain it to my RE. I guess I flubbed it a bit.

My RE said it made her a little sick to think we were going to abandon our frosties. It hadn’t occurred to me that us wanting to do an IUI would make it seem like we were abandoning our embabies. I quickly corrected her and told her that was not the case.

But it really drove home, to me anyway, the realization that not only do we not expect an IUI to work – which is why we’re already planning on FET later – but I don’t think we expect FET to work either.

Whenever we do our last FET, we’re done.  I don’t think it makes sense to do another IVF if FET doesn’t work. And it might not even be possible. I fully expect FET to either not work at all or end with me losing more body parts – possibly the one vital for pregnancy. Unless we win the lottery and decide to use a surrogate, I think we’ll just use the money we have saved for adoption.

So we want to try IUI while we still can. Before I get any older or lose my remaining tube. Or my uterus.

But I don’t really expect any of it to work.

At least the RE agreed, begrudgingly, to an IUI – provided I pass some more tests. Her hesitation seems to be mostly about managing expectations and we convinced her that we understand the odds are… not good. And that’s putting it nicely. Also, I had answers for all her questions about how I expected this to go down with one tube (monitor to know which side) and whether I was envisioning oral meds or injectibles (oral, we don’t want a repeat of the last injectibles cycle). Apparently most of her patients don’t really understand how all this works and would have high expectations even if she told them otherwise. I think I proved that I’m not that patient.

I think Right Guy’s presence also helped my case. He didn’t say much, but he was clearly on board with me and nothing she said changed his mind. I had asked him to take the time to come so that he could either take my side to convince her, or, after hearing what she had to say, convince me to abandon this harebrained scheme. And also for moral support.

Did I mention my blood pressure was 133/88? Anxiety. I haz it. Well, I HAD it. I feel better now.


Cracking Up? Going Nuts?


3 Responses to “My RE thinks I’m nuts”

  1. Yes darling, you are a nut cracker.

    Wait. No. That’s not it.

    I really hope you can just IUI yourself outta this place. Really. One Egg. One Sperm. That’s all it takes. OOowwwmmmm…..

    What? I have NOT been drinking. OK. Yes. What ever. Still doesn’t change the facts. IUI could work. And if that’s what the insurance wants to pay for, use it.

  2. B Says:

    I’m really glad that RG went to the appointment with you and that while your RE might think you’re nuts that she went with your plan A. I really hope plan A works!
    If the tubeless ovary responds will you try IUI again the next cycle?

    • Stolen Eggs Says:

      Yeah, I think we want to give it at least one shot with IUI. Insurance covers three, but we’ll probably do one or two. Depending on how long it takes to get the ovary with a tube to respond.

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