The Earthquake Is…

July 11, 2012

Over? Still going?

OPKs are the devil. They do not work for me. It’s not the LH surge that makes me ovulate so much as the days on end of detectable LH. Apparently it stops trying to surge and just hangs out. Waiting. Apparently for an earthquake.

And then… maybe I ovulate. Maybe I don’t

The one day I came closest to having a positive OPK apparently did not cause me to ovulate. I present Exhibit 1.

The chart above gave this cycle the nickname ‘The Earthquake Cycle.’ [thank you @DeadCowGirl] I have to admit that I should have known better. That OPK wasn’t TRULY positive. It was almost positive. It was the closest I got to anything resembling positive. But it would seem that ovulation did not occur on the day after that test. Nor on the next day (which was when I thought it happened due to physical symptoms implying mega left ovary activity).

I should have known better. REALLY. In recent months I have not ovulated anywhere near CD14 (although I did for a few months – about 6 months ago). Even medicated, it’s usually more like CD16. But then, things are prone to change in my body – frequently and without prior notice – so my optimism got the better of me. How exactly that happened, I do not understand since I am not an optimist. Not that I’m a pessimist. I call myself a realist.

The glass isn’t half empty. Nor is it half full. It is simply a glass. With some liquid in it. Liquid that occupies roughly half the space within said glass.

But I digress.

I’m not entirely sure if CD1 came or not. I suspect not. I present Exhibit 2.

Previous cycles have shown me that I usually have a temperature dip just before ovulation. And this chart seems to indicate that my body TRIED to ovulate on CD 15/16. But didn’t quite make it. And again around CD20.

I’ve had anovulatory cycles before. But this was by far the screwiest (if it was indeed anovulatory). I definitely had symptoms – things that usually happen between ovulation and AF’s arrival. The girls swell. I get a little moody. I have cramps. CM changes. All that happened. What didn’t happen? No hunger, no chocolate cravings, no chin acne. Although lack of acne could be due to lack of chocolate.

What I’ve never had happen before, EVER, is random spotting. I’ve always seen the warnings about how when you start a new pill, or any form of birth control, it can cause spotting. I have NEVER had spotting that wasn’t leading up to AF (or trailing her as she left). EVER. Not once.

Until now. Maybe. Unless you want to count 10 days of on and off spotting as AF.

Welcome to the beginning of menopause. Again. What a mind fuck. I’m right back where I was 2 years ago. Except this time I fear I really am getting worse instead of better. But I guess that’s another post.


2 Responses to “The Earthquake Is…”

  1. Nic Says:

    I hate OPKs and finally had to switch to the digital ones that show the smiley face when you ovulate, but now I’ve started examining the stick that is inserted into the digital “thingy” in an attempt to figure out what it all means.

  2. Hi Furrowed Fox….I’m sorry. I have POF, too, and I’ve been banging my head against the wall for the past 11 years. But I think I am on the right track, so I’ve started a new blog about what I’m doing….please come check it out – maybe it’s an option for you as well.
    Take care,

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