My Aunt Flo needs to grow up

July 5, 2012

She’s sooo immature.  Every month, well every 30-50 days, she shows up and plays childish games with me.

You know those kids that like to ring your doorbell and then and run and hide?  My Aunt Flo hangs out with them. She apparently also thinks it’s an absolute HOOT to watch me open the door to look to see if she’s really there.

She plays this game for days. I know it’s her because she leaves muddy footprints on the doorstep.  When the footprints start to look more red than muddy I always think she’s done playing.

But no.  She’s not done playing.  She never seems to tire of this game.  She’s here. But only unofficially.

And sometimes, she lets me usher her inside and gets settled in for a day only to run away the next day. And then wander back the day after that.

She’s a fickle bitch, my Aunt Flo.


2 Responses to “My Aunt Flo needs to grow up”

  1. HUGS sorry hon!! that AF is such a bee-otch!! wish she just would make up her mind already

  2. Jen Says:

    You are killing me with these posts! They are too funny! and btw – I think she moved in at my place….

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