Delusions of Fertilty 2: When Harry Met Sally

June 30, 2012

If you didn’t see it, you should probably read the first part of this series first – Delusions of Fertility 1: Chutes and Ladders.  This is Part Deux of why I sometimes think I can get pregnant without medical assistance.  A.K.A. Why I’m delusional.

FACT:  When my eggs meet Right Guy’s sperm in the petri dish… the **magic** happens.  No ICSI required.

FACT:  The ONE time (OK admittedly we have no idea if this would be repeated but it DID happen) we put eggs and sperm in the petri dish… they ALL fertilized.  They ALL made it to day 3.

There were only six of them.  But we got them without really trying to (we were only trying for one or two).  I see lots of tweet about 21 retrieved, 18 mature, 14 fertilized, 11 survive to day3, 7 make it to day 5. Not to rub it in your face but has anyone else had ALL of their eggs make it all the way?

Stats like that make me think that it could also happen in my body – you know, where it’s supposed to happen.

I have to wonder if maybe, just maybe, sperm isn’t meeting egg inside my body.  Which is why I dream of IUI.

Going back to the previous post, I guess I just feel like we skipped so many steps in our process.  I feel the need to back up.

Beep.  Beep.

Let’s put this sucker in reverse.  Maybe we don’t NEED IVF.

Or maybe, if I use enough Pre.Seed it will negate whatever badness might be going on in there.

Again with the DELUSIONS.

But they DO sound kinda rational.  Don’t they?

The docs make all sorts of assumptions based on my bloodwork, etc.  But my bloodwork changes.  Even when it’s not supposed to. So… should we really rely on those assumptions?  Why don’t we just consider the FACTS.  Shall I repeat them?

FACT: When eggs meet sperm in the lab, life is created.

But is it VIABLE life, you ask?

Well, of 3 embryos that have been transferred… ALL 3 implanted.  In the wrong spot, but still, they implanted.

A fourth embryo did not survive in the lab.  Who knows what it might have done inside me. Who knows if they would have survived to give me a healthy baby had they not been ectopic? I don’t know that, but I do know they were healthy enough to hatch and implant.

So, to recap…

here are the numbers (because I’m a numbers kind of gal)…

Cue Count von Count

count von count

6 eggs, 6 embryos, 3 transferred, 3 implanted.   2 still frozen. 1 thawed and left to grow in the lab did not grow.

I’m 3 for 4 (75%) or 3 for 6 (50%) depending upon how you want to look at it.

How could I NOT still have hope that my eggs are viable?

When you paint by numbers you get the big picture. Or in this case, a BABY! Hopefully.


4 Responses to “Delusions of Fertilty 2: When Harry Met Sally”

  1. My Dr. said to me that the biggest indicator of this whole thing finally working is embryo quality. And it looks like you have good embryo quality.

    So … yeah. I think I’d be where you are too.

    • Stolen Eggs Says:

      It feels really good to have someone else say that. I do feel crazy most of the time. And, given both my real age and my supposed ovarian age, there is an assumption that my eggs are bad and that’s why I can’t get pregnant on my own. I understand why they make that assumption but it’s still an ASSUMPTION. Not a fact.

      • It’s amazing how much is unknown about this whole process. And the medical professionals will so quickly say “I don’t know why” when it comes to miscarriage, or embryos not implanting, so why the hell do they assume they know ALL of why we’re not getting pregnant in the first place?

        There are lots of steps on that path, and if things are changing so frequently for you – and it sure seems they are – I can’t see why things wouldn’t change with regards to the possibility of you getting pregnant either naturally or with IUI.

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